(Today’s chapter… coming tomorrow instead…)

Hi, folks! ctan here! I’ve been trying to post today’s chapter since last night. Got hung up trying to decide what song to use as title, couldn’t commit to one of the choices, then crashed and fell asleep before I could get it set up. Today’s been a whirlwind of last minute meetings and phone calls and tasks and errands before I leave for Italy for vacation tomorrow. (corwin’s over there already on a business trip and I’m flying to meet him in Venice.) I don’t know who’s more tired out from this last set of chapters, me or Daron!

Anyway, I went to set up the post again a little while ago, but like the previous one (with Ziggy’s “confession”), this post is an important one to get right/ I decided I had to fix something in it that I realized I had glossed over, and… next thing you know I’ve got the hood up and parts strewn all over the garage. So we’ll take this ride tomorrow. All right?

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See you tomorrow.



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