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DGC Anniversary post 7

Today’s chapter is coming at the usual time (barring technical difficulties) but here’s today’s art for an early start! And don’t forget to join Daron for a chat from 8-9p and me tonight on YouTube at https://youtu.be/Xmew_g9ktp8 from 9p-10p eastern time! The ring’s effect on Ziggy has been profound, hasn’t it? I think he was […]

957. Out in the Cold

The next morning we were awakened rather early by the phone ringing in our hotel room. It was Barrett and it was urgent. “There’s a rehearsal you have to be at and the only flight out that makes sense is two hours from now, so you need to get going.” “Two hours from now?” Ziggy’s […]

950. Suck My Kiss

Court had her own room at the motel. Now that Christmas was like a week away the place had emptied out, so there were plenty of vacancies. I said good night to her at her door and said I’d see her in the morning to head over to Janine’s. Ziggy was waiting up for me, […]

860. Ooops Up

We weren’t halfway across the lobby when Carynne stopped me. “You’re white as a sheet.” I took Ziggy’s hand with the one of mine that was working, to keep him by my side. “I’m fine.” My cramped-up hand looked like a tyrannosaurus’s arm, though. They didn’t believe my bullshit for one second. “Let’s get upstairs,” […]

707. Sweet Dreams

I don’t smoke and I never liked cigarettes. I think one reason I was never tempted to smoke despite my desperate teenage attempts to fit in was that I associated smoking with my parents being stresspuppies. They chain-smoked while they fought. I form associations easily, though, and the way cigarette smoke smells when it’s leaching […]

612. Blue Hotel

Ziggy and I rendezvoused that Sunday, our “day off,” at the same hotel in the middle of nowhere as earlier in the week. When I got to the room I realized it was a different one. I said something witty and observant like: “Hey, this is a different room.” “Course it is,” he said, stripping […]