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DGC Anniversary post 7

Today’s chapter is coming at the usual time (barring technical difficulties) but here’s today’s art for an early start! And don’t forget to join Daron for a chat from 8-9p and me tonight on YouTube at https://youtu.be/Xmew_g9ktp8 from 9p-10p eastern time! The ring’s effect on Ziggy has been profound, hasn’t it? I think he was […]

Out in the Cold

The next morning we were awakened rather early by the phone ringing in our hotel room. It was Barrett and it was urgent. “There’s a rehearsal you have to be at and the only flight out that makes sense is two hours from now, so you need to get going.” “Two hours from now?” Ziggy’s […]

Suck My Kiss

Court had her own room at the motel. Now that Christmas was like a week away the place had emptied out, so there were plenty of vacancies. I said good night to her at her door and said I’d see her in the morning to head over to Janine’s. Ziggy was waiting up for me, […]

Ooops Up

We weren’t halfway across the lobby when Carynne stopped me. “You’re white as a sheet.” I took Ziggy’s hand with the one of mine that was working, to keep him by my side. “I’m fine.” My cramped-up hand looked like a tyrannosaurus’s arm, though. They didn’t believe my bullshit for one second. “Let’s get upstairs,” […]

It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

We got into a cab in front of the hotel in St. Louis. The weather was a hot drizzle, with the temperature around ninety and the air like soup. The cab driver was a black guy who definitely didn’t seem to think he had anyone but maybe a couple of college kids in his cab. […]


Ziggy and I went home and fell easily into bed. The only time in my life I’d had this much sex with this little effort or argument about it for this long was while I’d lived in Spain. Well, maybe right at the beginning with Jonathan, too, but as we all know, the easy part […]

High Enough

(So close to revealing the cover designs for the new omnibus! We’re now at $2,441 in the the Kickstarter and when we get to $2,500 I’ll post them! Have you been meaning to back it? Clicky Here… -ctan) Ziggy waited until we got home from Limelight that night to say “I told you so,” and […]

Sweet Dreams

I don’t smoke and I never liked cigarettes. I think one reason I was never tempted to smoke despite my desperate teenage attempts to fit in was that I associated smoking with my parents being stresspuppies. They chain-smoked while they fought. I form associations easily, though, and the way cigarette smoke smells when it’s leaching […]

Sanctify Yourself

I crashed hard. I slept something like twelve hours, maybe a little more. I’m really not sure. When I woke up and was really awake, though, Ziggy was in the shower. I got in with him and we washed each other because that felt familiar and grounding. He was right: I felt like I’d been […]

Blue Hotel

Ziggy and I rendezvoused that Sunday, our “day off,” at the same hotel in the middle of nowhere as earlier in the week. When I got to the room I realized it was a different one. I said something witty and observant like: “Hey, this is a different room.” “Course it is,” he said, stripping […]