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It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

We got into a cab in front of the hotel in St. Louis. The weather was a hot drizzle, with the temperature around ninety and the air like soup. The cab driver was a black guy who definitely didn’t seem to think he had anyone but maybe a couple of college kids in his cab. […]

Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)

(Thanks to your generous donations of this past week, you have triggered a Saturday post! Enjoy! -ctan) Of course I didn’t smash a mirror in rage. Instead I ragefucked Ziggy which made us both feel much better about life and everything, and cleared my head enough for me to listen to his explanations. It was […]


God, my heart. Even now years later I can still remember how my heart tried to beat right out of my chest when I caught sight of him, and what he looked like, leaning against the cinderblock under ugly fluorescent light, teal shirt, white jeans, face blank but his eyes on fire. Okay, maybe a […]

Hang In Long Enough

I woke up with one of those hangovers that feels like a railroad spike through the eye socket, but I didn’t much care because I had an armful of warm, sleepy Ziggy under the covers with me and I was too out of it to really remember where we were or what year it was […]

Touch and Go

(Happy US Thanksgiving, everyone who celebrates it! We’re offline today, cooking and eating, but we’ll get back online over the weekend! -ctan) — I don’t know what genius invented it, but let me say for the record that meatball pizza is awesome. Maybe it was a stroke of necessity: maybe one day a pizza guy […]


I’ll confess I got a little anxious when I tried to call Ziggy before going over to his place and got a recording saying the number was out of service. I know he had said his phone service was probably off, but I had this moment where I suddenly worried that he had left the […]

Never Enough

The room was a corner suite. I stepped into the parlor room. The furniture looked like it was someone’s grandmother’s house. Someone’s rich grandmother, I should say. Tony waved me toward the door to the bedroom, which was open. “I’ll be right outside in the hall,” he said in a low voice. “I’ll knock three […]


(Thanks to everyone who donated this week! Here’s a Saturday post for topping the $50 threshold!) — Carynne worked her persuasive magic and Ziggy’s shrink, a sharp-eyed woman named Dr. Elizabeth Franks, arrived around the time I woke up. Everyone was in a holding pattern while she and Digger went off to the hospital. Jonathan […]


(Poll update! If you haven’t voted on which character I should write the next bonus story about, check out the poll back in Liner Note #24. Meanwhile, Colin only needs $25 more in donations in his name to guarantee a story about him, even if Ziggy beats him in the popular vote…) — Ziggy had […]