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Rock Bottom

Up to that point I had not spent much time alone with Barrett. I felt we knew each other pretty well–or at least that he knew me pretty well–by osmosis, through Ziggy. He’d been there through a lot of my ups and downs–mostly downs. I think we were often somewhat careful around each other, though. […]


(See bottom of post for info on a special fanworks call…) Jordan Travers dropped by the next day while Ziggy was there and hung around for about an hour. He’d freshly shorn down his hair and was looking sharp overall. We hobnobbed. Three important things were conveyed in the course of the hobnobbing. One, Jordan […]

Too Much Pressure

(Happy New Year, everyone! If you missed the 2015 “DGC Annual Report” hop back to last Wednesday to read it. We’re up to $35.75 a week now via Patreon! Almost halfway to the first goal! Cool!! And thank you all so much for your support!! -ctan) — I never understood the expression “it never rains […]

Twist of the Knife

I had always attributed the buzz in a room when Ziggy and I walked into a place to the fact that Ziggy is like that. He draws every eye to him like a beacon. I didn’t have to be there for that to happen. But maybe it was the fact that this was supposed to […]

Thieves in the Temple

Then there was the day Jordan and I had a fight. That day we had moved from the regular studio where we had been working over to Electric Lady, which if you don’t know it is pretty awesome. The Jimi Hendrix connection isn’t just the name: he actually founded the place shortly before he died. […]

Hang In Long Enough

I woke up with one of those hangovers that feels like a railroad spike through the eye socket, but I didn’t much care because I had an armful of warm, sleepy Ziggy under the covers with me and I was too out of it to really remember where we were or what year it was […]

I’m Free

You might have noticed when Ziggy went off to have a one-night-stand with the lead singer of Sugargum, he didn’t ask me what I was going to do. That would make you quicker on the uptake than me, since I didn’t think of it until later. It was a lot of new stuff to deal […]

Ball and Chain

(Before you read this chapter make sure you caught up on both Saturday and Sunday’s posts! -ctan) Digger and Mills weren’t wearing matching suits but they might as well have been. No ties today, but button-up shirts undone at the top. “Doesn’t sound like his highness is too happy to see you,” Digger said, as […]

Room At The Top

(Bonus post triggered by Kickstarter donations! Add your contribution now? Here: http://kck.st/R31kCx) — Christian came home a little while later, in jeans and workboots that were obviously covered in plaster dust. I was sitting in the living room at the time, reading through a stack of TIME magazines that were sitting there and feeling like […]

Ashes to Ashes

When your lawyer calls on the Saturday of a holiday weekend, it’s rarely a good thing. I took the call sitting on the overstuffed leather couch in Remo’s living room with the cordless phone tucked on my shoulder. Carynne and Feinbaum were on the line together. I wasn’t sure if they were in the same […]