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Haven’t Got a Clue

So the call went out among our contacts that I was going to be holding auditions for drummers in New York. But we still hadn’t made any firm decisions about the rest of the instrumentation. Horns? Backing singers? Auxiliary percussion? I wasn’t going to make those decisions without talking to Ziggy and Barrett again, now […]

Thieves in the Temple

Then there was the day Jordan and I had a fight. That day we had moved from the regular studio where we had been working over to Electric Lady, which if you don’t know it is pretty awesome. The Jimi Hendrix connection isn’t just the name: he actually founded the place shortly before he died. […]

Deeper Shade of Soul

We didn’t go out clubbing every night I was in New York. No, sometimes we stayed in the studio all night instead. Somehow Jordan always had the energy to be awake before me the next day. Sometimes he had to go to meetings. At one point he was gone for almost a day and a […]

International Bright Young Thing

So living at Jordan’s turned out to be like living at Grand Central Station. There was always someone interesting coming or going. Musicians, songwriters, deejays, New York art scene people—it wasn’t always clear who was connected to him for actual work and who was just there to hang around. Then again, I suppose making connections […]

Midnight Oil

(Daron Kickstarter update! Wow, you guys we’re already at 42% funded only four days into the campaign! If you haven’t contributed yet, and you want the new omnibus paperback, new Moondog 3 tour T-shirt or other swag, check out the Kickstarter page. -ctan) — I went home that night and wrote my name on the […]