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Orlando Fanworks: Hope by S

Hope July 4th, 2016- Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida Ziggy’s eyes locked on mine. “You have to get a wand from Ollivanders,” he said with too much enthusiasm. I glanced at the line snaking its way down the sidewalk. “I’m not standing in that line.” “But you have to!” He tugged on my arm like a […]

Orlando Fanworks: We’re All Mad Here by Chris

We’re All Mad Here The Queen of Hearts stood four stories above on the balcony of the Castle watching the last of the Ordinaries leave through the main gates. He swayed on his feet as a rush of excitement caused a pounding in his ears. Wait… there was also pounding that wasn’t from his accelerated […]

Orlando Fanworks: Song “Moondog Kingdom” by Megmakes

So you might remember Meg sent us a song once before for a fanworks challenge (“Longing Song“), and this time she brought us one in response to the Orlando challenge. She writes: “For this most recent fanworks call, I have a song for you. “Moondog Kingdom” is a song about an M3 (plus a few […]

Orlando Fanwork: Art by Amy

Any thoughts on what Ziggy’s wand would be made of? Daron’s would clearly have a core of guitar string ;) (A note about the Orlando fanworks & fanworks submitted earlier in the year. I apologize for how long it’s taking to get them posted. I hadn’t counted on traveling taking up July in the way […]

Alive and Living Now

The show in Orlando was fun. I figured Remo needed to get his mind off his family angst so I pushed him to play with me a little on stage, turning one of my solos into a long jam that I threw to him and after burning through a round he threw back to me […]

Call It Rock and Roll

I called Ziggy when I got upstairs. I got his machine. I left the number of the hotel and my room number. Then I opened the minibar wondering if there was any Gatorade in there. There wasn’t, but there was Coke. And Jack. Which meant there was Jack and Coke.


Remo and I went into the hotel bar for a nightcap. I got my bourbon in soda instead of straight up since we were in Florida and it seemed more appropriate for hot weather, even though it had turned into a pleasantly cool night out. I figured I could use the hydration, anyway. And the […]

Orlando Fanworks Challenge: Sugar Cain by Mark Treble

It’s been a rough week. Daron has been working us like a slave-driver for what seems like months. Now, we’ve got to forget everything (or memorize everything, who knows?) for about six weeks, then rush through getting ready for the tour. Today’s the last day before the break, thank God. Can’t believe my luck, a […]

The Other Side of Summer

For a lot of the day Remo was unnaturally quiet, but I think it was the same as me: trying not to get sucked into the bickering. We just kept our mouths shut and went along with the tide floating the family from thing to thing. He carried Ford for a while and talked baby […]

Hole Hearted

(Monday at midnight is the deadline for turning in Orlando-themed fanworks! Knowing what was coming up in today’s chapter would land around then, I timed it that way on purpose. You’ll see why. -ctan) — I successfully avoided any and all family drama while we were in Miami. Go me. And I did my vocal […]