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If I hadn’t made the decision to leave, then that last show at the flamenco school might have gone differently. Or maybe if Gloria hadn’t told me right before the show started that Carynne had called, I wouldn’t have been so on edge. It’s possible my memory has gilded my performance a little, but I […]

Midnight Oil

(Daron Kickstarter update! Wow, you guys we’re already at 42% funded only four days into the campaign! If you haven’t contributed yet, and you want the new omnibus paperback, new Moondog 3 tour T-shirt or other swag, check out the Kickstarter page. -ctan) — I went home that night and wrote my name on the […]

Everywhere I Go

(Kickstarter update! On the first day we got over $1,000 in pledges!! That puts us almost 1/3rd of the way to the $3,500 goal! Almost all of that first $1K came from regular readers of DGC. MCA Hogarth nabbed the first pledge, quickly followed by Amy, Joe, Cayra, et al… Go check out where we […]