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Keep Your Hands to Yourself

(Thanks to generous donations of readers through my Paypal Tip Jar, here is a Saturday post! We get one any time the total reaches $100 in the Tip Jar! -ctan) — I met the Nomad entourage at their lobby call the next day. The bus ride to the venue wasn’t far in distance but, you […]

Bete Noire

Tony came to get me from Artie’s to take me (and Ziggy) up to see Priss. Artie waited with me down in the lobby of the building, which he really didn’t have to do, but was nice of him. This gave me a chance to ask him something. “You’ve known Remo for a long time.” […]

How to Be a Millionaire

Upstairs Artie met us by the elevators and took us on a small tour of the offices, which wasn’t to show us the office but to show us to various employees who hadn’t gotten a chance to meet us before. Then he took me into a conference room where there was a bunch of stuff […]

Ghost Town

The way big tours are arranged you very rarely play three nights in a row. To hear Waldo gripe about it, it’s logistically difficult, it’s hard on everyone including crew and performers, a bitch to schedule, etc. But sometimes three places are close enough together to make it work or it’s the only way to […]

Deeper Shade of Soul

We didn’t go out clubbing every night I was in New York. No, sometimes we stayed in the studio all night instead. Somehow Jordan always had the energy to be awake before me the next day. Sometimes he had to go to meetings. At one point he was gone for almost a day and a […]


I cried through most of my next therapy appointment. That isn’t as bad as it sounds. They were basically tears of relief. Even though Ziggy and I hadn’t really resolved anything, somehow, my heart still felt better about everything. Some kind of weight had been lifted. Or something. It’s my inability to make a good […]

Merry Go Round

I talked my way into Wenco the way Digger would have talked his way into the best restaurant in the city. With equal parts bullshit and bravado and being nice when it counted. Lucky for me, Artie was there that day. His office was just as cramped and cluttered as the last time I was […]

Have We Got Contact

It was another hurry-up-and-wait soundcheck which didn’t actually start until 3 and dragged on until 4 when they were having some kind of trouble with the synthesizer rig. Eventually MNB let us have the stage, and when we were done they went back to trying to figure out what was crossed up, Tread and two […]

Love Is The Drug

I fumbled as I put the token in the turnstile. The meeting had shaken me, not just because of what Artie had said, but because I realized I’d had some illusions about how much power Artie himself had, illusions that were shattered now. I remembered Artie from a few years ago as a kind of […]

Maybe I’m Amazed

I was late to the Wenco office. I could probably have been on time, but when I woke up and felt my head and tasted my mouth, I knew I had to have a shower. Jeremy had every shampoo known to man in his bathroom and offered me the use of his hair dryer, gel, […]