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Ghost Town

The way big tours are arranged you very rarely play three nights in a row. To hear Waldo gripe about it, it’s logistically difficult, it’s hard on everyone including crew and performers, a bitch to schedule, etc. But sometimes three places are close enough together to make it work or it’s the only way to […]

Rock of Ages

(Thanks to donations this week, here is a Saturday post!) Ziggy put my eyeliner on. He didn’t say anything, but it didn’t feel weird that he wasn’t saying anything. It felt nice to have him touch my face, like it usually did. His hands were only a little shaky. So were mine. Once the opening […]

The Waiting

(Site news: The adults-only bonus scene with Colin and Ziggy is finally done! Sorry it took so long, but it came out about three times the length of the usual bonus scenes. Unlike Daron, Colin isn’t repressed, so he gives a lot of details, I guess..? If you were supposed to get it but didn’t, […]

Liner Note #27

Cecilia here. I realized a month had gone by since the last liner note and that I have a bunch of stuff stacking up for you, so here’s one. I had always intended to do these once a month but since this is the 27th note and the site has been posting 39 months at […]