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Ghost Town

The way big tours are arranged you very rarely play three nights in a row. To hear Waldo gripe about it, it’s logistically difficult, it’s hard on everyone including crew and performers, a bitch to schedule, etc. But sometimes three places are close enough together to make it work or it’s the only way to […]

I’ll Be There For You

Jonathan called a little while later. I took it on the kitchen phone and Remo made himself scarce. “Hey,” I said. “Hey. I…” He cleared his throat. “I wanted to check in.” I kept it light. “Like to a hotel?” He let out a little huff of breath and I knew he was smiling, though […]

Songs From The Wood

After the interview they took us into another studio and recorded us saying things like “When I’m in Dee-cee, I listen to…” individually and as a group. And we signed some stuff for their prize vault, and for the staff, and shook hands with the program director and then we were back in the van […]

I Ran

Nighttimes were settled then, Matthew and I roomed together most of the time. Everything about it worked out great, at first. I learned a lot about stage tech, and I read a lot of books, and it kept Carynne at a safe distance. Matthew always answered my questions, and kept passing down mysteries he picked […]

Always Something There to Remind Me

I took Remo to The Brickhouse, a blues bar tucked on the edge of Providence’s vacant downtown where the bouncers knew me and wouldn’t bug me about not having ID. I was in there all the time. This was a kind of rough place, a different set of townies from the Cage, with regular brawls, […]