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Fight Like a Brave

I walked into the hospitality suite looking for Flip when it turned out I had, in fact, managed to not bring the charger for my pager. There I didn’t find Flip but I did find Waldo, Martin, and Charlie the flugelhorn player. Charlie’s iron-gray hair was slicked back against his head into a stubby pony […]

Good Times Roll

That night there was something of a party at the hotel. Not an official industry type party, nothing that formal, although there were some industry people there. Like Jordan. And some friends. Like Matthew. I guess it was more of a mass hangout than a party, do you know what I mean? I had a […]

People are Strange

That night on the bus back to Flushing, I asked Remo about stopping by Artie’s office. “I have the day off tomorrow, right?” We were sitting in the far back of the bus. I was in the very corner banquette, with the Ovation, making pleasant sounds with it but not really playing in any focused […]

Ghost Town

The way big tours are arranged you very rarely play three nights in a row. To hear Waldo gripe about it, it’s logistically difficult, it’s hard on everyone including crew and performers, a bitch to schedule, etc. But sometimes three places are close enough together to make it work or it’s the only way to […]

Cities in Dust

The first show of the tour would be in Atlanta, at an arena officially named the Omni but referred to by the crew as the Waffle Iron because of the shape of the roof, which looked like a—you guessed it—waffle iron. We had several days off in LA before the actual show because the crew […]

Never Let Me Down Again

I caught Jonathan by the rest room in the Denny’s before we got back in the bus. “So, how long are you along for the ride?” He gave a regretful shrug. “I have to catch a plane from Charlotte back.” “So you’ll see the Durham show?” “Yeah. And then I’ll get out of your hair.”

Policy of Truth

Cain came into the lounge and sat down in a miserable slump. “I hate to ask you guys this, but… But I don’t know what else to do.” “Ask us what,” Ziggy demanded. “Can I ride with you guys? I’m just… I…” He shut his eyes and let his head fall back. “I don’t feel […]

Someone Somewhere in Summertime

The show was at a place called the Seattle Center Arena. I had no idea what to expect with a name like that, but I knew from one of the many lists of Carynne’s I’d seen that it seated eight thousand. Inside it was kind of a miniature Madison Square Garden. Once upon a time […]

Behind the Sun

(If you missed the poll to vote on the band logo or whether we should dump Paypal, please go vote here: http://daron.ceciliatan.com/archives/1364) The good part about having gotten no sleep the night before flying across the whole country is that I slept on the plane. And I mean from the moment we sat down and […]

Liner Note #17

Cecilia here, with a bunch of things to chat with you all about today, including: -Paypal -T-shirts/band logo -glow-in-the-dark-vinyl records! (not for us, just cool) and some polls… T-SHIRTS So as you know the band is about to hit the road for a tour. I need a show of hands… who wants a tour T-shirt?