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VOLUME 12: Flying High Again

(Here it is folks. The first chapter of book twelve, the final book in this arc of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles. -ctan) — Which do you think was harder, facing my vocal coach after almost two months on the road wrecking my throat, or facing my friends and co-workers after having spent all night and part […]

Superman’s Song

I don’t actually remember anything he said. Bart ushered me into the window seat in the very last row of the plane, buckled himself into the seat next to me. Chris was sitting two rows away. Everyone else was at least ten or fifteen rows in front of us, almost all roadies.

Cold Shot

The “inspection” required all of the equipment to be unloaded. From some things Barrett said I gather they didn’t believe we’d actually go through with it. Thank goodness we weren’t traveling with a full lighting rig and stage set, I guess? That still took hours. The crew were none too happy about having to go […]

Parents Just Don’t Understand

(Zing! Saturday post! TT and Amber topped up the tip jar, so here we go! -ctan) — Remember, I’m a professional. Don’t try this at home. Also, don’t try it in a foreign country when you have a fifteen hour flight with a change in Hong Kong the next day. I’m talking about drinking yourself […]


When I woke up we were at the airport, which was confusing since I didn’t remember the bus moving, and I didn’t remember people getting on board, but there we were in a different place with some different people. It had been decided that only the lead singer of the Blissmen was flying ahead while […]

Behind the Sun

(If you missed the poll to vote on the band logo or whether we should dump Paypal, please go vote here: http://daron.ceciliatan.com/archives/1364) The good part about having gotten no sleep the night before flying across the whole country is that I slept on the plane. And I mean from the moment we sat down and […]