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897. VOLUME 12: Flying High Again

(Here it is folks. The first chapter of book twelve, the final book in this arc of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles. -ctan) — Which do you think was harder, facing my vocal coach after almost two months on the road wrecking my throat, or facing my friends and co-workers after having spent all night and part […]

848. Cold Shot

The “inspection” required all of the equipment to be unloaded. From some things Barrett said I gather they didn’t believe we’d actually go through with it. Thank goodness we weren’t traveling with a full lighting rig and stage set, I guess? That still took hours. The crew were none too happy about having to go […]

469. Parents Just Don’t Understand

(Zing! Saturday post! TT and Amber topped up the tip jar, so here we go! -ctan) — Remember, I’m a professional. Don’t try this at home. Also, don’t try it in a foreign country when you have a fifteen hour flight with a change in Hong Kong the next day. I’m talking about drinking yourself […]