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Fool’s Gold

Bart got me up at noon and convinced me we should go grab a bite to eat, and we walked over to a big market with tons of food stands selling everything from gourmet honey to every kind of sausage I could name (and some I couldn’t). We ate on picnic tables by a stand […]


Ziggy ran a block over and flagged down a cab. I slid in after him like something from a spy movie, and the cab pulled away as Ziggy stuffed a wad of money into the little plastic flip drawer, urging the cabbie to “just drive.”

Out of Control

I forgot to tell you the one weird thing about the MuchMusic party show/duet, which was somehow I ended up on the left side of the riser and Ziggy was on the right. I didn’t even think about it when they were trying to get the microphone on my head; Ziggy’s mic stand was already […]

That’s the Way I Want to Rock and Roll

Over the tops of the heads of everyone I could see Ziggy was up on a riser with a microphone, working the crowd. It was so noisy I couldn’t hear him until we got close. Antonia pulled me round the edges of the room to that side. I saw someone had moved the guitar over […]

Working in a Goldmine

Public Service Announcement With Guitar: Happy US Election Day! If you’re in the USA, please vote in the presidential election today! If you’re not in the USA, how about a vote for your favorite web serial over at Top Web Fiction? — That bottle of wine had been seven hours ago, but somehow we got […]

Fortress Around Your Heart

We had a suite with two attached bedrooms, while the other bands were down the hall a little: Topher and Magenta in one room, Rol in another. MuchMusic had delivered a rather large fruit and candy basket and two bottles of wine to the suite. I didn’t see any reason why all seven of us […]


When I woke up we were at the airport, which was confusing since I didn’t remember the bus moving, and I didn’t remember people getting on board, but there we were in a different place with some different people. It had been decided that only the lead singer of the Blissmen was flying ahead while […]