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All Together Now

(Another Saturday bonus post! Want to do it again? Click here to give. Thank you everyone for your support! -ctan) — After getting Bart and Chris’s suitcases settled at a hotel, we went over to the rehearsal space to check it out. Sarah’s team had been using it before we moved in, but it still […]

Crush Story

(Thanks to donations in the Tip Jar topping $100 this week, voila, here’s a Saturday chapter! -ctan) — I’m trying to figure out how much to tell you about rehearsal. I mean, I think it’s kind of interesting but I’m pretty sure my descriptions of it probably aren’t. We settled into a routine where me, […]

Feb Fanworks: Free For All by Stef

Third of three submissions for February’s threesomes and more challenge, written by Stef, featuring Ziggy, Daron, and Colin with all the hang-ups we know and love in Daron, and all the sexy reassurance Colin and Ziggy are so good at offering. *** How did I end up in this situation? Me, of all people. I’m […]

Move Any Mountain

(Hey folks, help me out: get a stopwatch or a phone that counts seconds and take this quick survey to let me know the loading times for you for DGC: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/W7NWDPG! -ctan) — I’ll give you one guess who the first person was I called about the drumming gig. Martin. It never occurred to me […]

For What It’s Worth

Christian and I went out the next night. We went to a place I had been with Jonathan years before, the Union Oyster House. We got recognized as Somewhat Famous People by the host and shown to a table where we couldn’t be seen from the door. The host, a young-looking guy but with his […]

Cry For Help

We arrived in Worcester, Massachusetts, in the wee hours of the morning after the gig in Syracuse, at a hotel where the night clerk was very unprepared for the entire entourage to descend. As such it took an hour or two to get the rooms sorted out. A couple of members of the crew fell […]

Groove Is In The Heart

When you come from the New York area, you grow up learning a certain disdain of tourists. So it was distinctly weird to be staying in a hotel in the city for an honest-to-god vacation. It really hadn’t sunk in for me that we’d be playing tourist in what was, really, kind of our hometown. […]

I’ll Be Your Chauffeur

So here’s when I confess that I was stupid. Not that I did something stupid, because it was what I didn’t do that was the proof of just how dumb I was. And I don’t mean stubborn or reckless. I mean I made a dumb mistake, really. Okay, actually, this explanation will make a lot […]

Happy Mondays

When I got home it was early evening, and so I wasn’t surprised that Christian was home. What was surprising was he was sitting in the living room with a six pack next to him and a beer in his hand. Okay, that wasn’t surprising either. The shell-shocked look on his face, though, that was. […]

Room At The Top

(Bonus post triggered by Kickstarter donations! Add your contribution now? Here: http://kck.st/R31kCx) — Christian came home a little while later, in jeans and workboots that were obviously covered in plaster dust. I was sitting in the living room at the time, reading through a stack of TIME magazines that were sitting there and feeling like […]