Feb Fanworks: Free For All by Stef

Third of three submissions for February’s threesomes and more challenge, written by Stef, featuring Ziggy, Daron, and Colin with all the hang-ups we know and love in Daron, and all the sexy reassurance Colin and Ziggy are so good at offering.


How did I end up in this situation? Me, of all people. I’m blaming alcohol. Surely, I must be drunk, right? Very, very drunk. Not that I haven’t fantasized…Shit. Alright. Let me explain.

I’m currently sitting on a chair in a hotel room in New York. Colin (what the fuck is Colin doing in New York? Oh right, looking at papers for Ziggy, I think) is sprawled out on one bed, his black Mohawk wilting after a night of dancing. Ziggy is sitting on the other bed, freshly showered with a towel around his waist and his knees folded Indian-style. Again I ask: how did I end up in this situation?

I catch little glances between Ziggy and Colin. My eyes drift to Ziggy’s groin, barely hidden by a fluffy white towel. His hair is straight and hanging lazily in his face, and he’s completely devoid of make-up. God he looks amazing. When does he not? I suddenly want to kiss him.

Ziggy sighs. “I don’t know about you two, but I’m fucking horny as fuck.”

That comment shot straight to my dick. Not that I wasn’t in total agreement with him before that. I’d been watching him dance all night, every move of his body taunting me. But now? Fuck. What am I supposed to do? I want Ziggy. When do I not want Ziggy? But Colin’s here and I kind of want to fuck him, too. Or have him fuck me. Whatever.

“So, let’s do it?” Colin suggests. My pulse bounds through my veins. My pants are suddenly very uncomfortable. I try to stammer out something that sounds like “What?” but the word won’t form. I’m sure I look like a deer caught in the headlights, my eyes wide and frantically darting between Colin and Ziggy.

“You mean…all three of us?” Ziggy says. God love him. His body visibly thrums with nervous excitement, but at least he’s able to speak coherently.

Colin shrugs. “Why not? I’ve fucked you. I’ve fucked him.” He jerks his head in my direction. “You two have been fucking for years. What’s the big deal?” He leans back, propping himself on his arms and stretching his lean (and did I mention shirtless?) frame out on the bed. I lick my lips.

Ziggy smirks. “Have you had a threesome before, Colin?” he says in that sexy, alluring voice he likes to tease me with. I guess maybe he teases others with it as well.

“Sure,” Colin casually replies, as if Ziggy had just asked him to toss him a pillow or something equally mundane. Sure. I think I forget to breathe. I’m starting to feel lightheaded. “Though there’s usually at least one girl involved,” he adds with a wink.

They share a meaningful look and turn to me. Thankfully they know me well enough to see I’m starting to panic. Ziggy stands, his towel sliding to the floor. He’s already hard, and draws my eyes like a moth to a flame. Oh, god. He closes the space between us in a few steps, takes my hand and pulls me to my feet. His smile calms me a little, probably because I can’t think enough to panic when he looks at me like that.

“Do you trust us, Daron?” His voice is barely a whisper, like he’s afraid of frightening me more than I already am. I don’t need to think about my answer, at least not when we’re talking about sex. Do I trust Ziggy sexually? Absolutely. Do I trust Colin, my sherpa? Of course. Do I trust them together? I can’t think of a reason not to. But still, a threesome…

I nod because words aren’t happening, and Ziggy kisses me, one of those intense kisses that even under normal circumstances would make me lose my head. I surrender to his lips while his hands go to work on my pants.

“Focus on me,” he whispers. Now that I can do. Quite well, in fact.

He does this sexy shimmy down me and takes me in his mouth. Our eyes lock and I’m completely lost in his gaze and the wicked, wicked things his tongue is doing to me. I watch as my cock disappears into his mouth, over and over again. I somehow break eye contact, my head falling back on my shoulders. At least, that was plan, until I catch sight of Colin standing a few feet behind Ziggy. He’s naked (when did that happen?) and gracefully stroking his big, gorgeous cock. And he’s staring at Ziggy and me with fire in his eyes. Our eyes meet, and I freeze. Holy fuck, what am I doing? I think. Then, Ziggy does something very creative with his hands and tongue, and abruptly brings my attention back to him and away from my rising panic.

I twine one hand through Ziggy’s silky hair, and with the other, beckon Colin to me. As soon as he’s within reach, I pull him to me and kiss him. Let’s just say that Colin’s tongue in my mouth and Ziggy’s tongue on my dick has a combined effect like nothing else. My brain shuts down, overloaded with lust. No thoughts, just feeling. Yeah, I’m in trouble.

Ziggy releases me and rises to his feet. He tastes my neck and collarbone and shoulder, licking me like I’m his favorite treat, and only then do I realize that I’m naked. No idea how that happened either. They guide me to the bed, distracting me with their touches and kisses. Distraction is a good thing. Keeps the panic away.

Then, there’s an awkward moment. A what-do-we-do-now moment, in which Ziggy and I turn to Colin for instruction. After all, he’s the experienced one here, right? Colin grins seductively as he says, “I’m fucking both of you tonight. I don’t really care which one goes first.” I think my heart skips. I know my breath hitches.

Ziggy climbs onto the bed, offering himself up first. “No,” I say roughly. They both stare at me, surprised. Guess I’m not usually so demanding. My face heats up as I say, “I know how rough you get with him, Colin, and I…I want to fuck him, too.” I can’t look either of them in the eye when I say it, but I have to say it, you know?

Ziggy gives me a knowing smirk when I finally meet his eyes. He’s still kneeling on the bed, but now turned to face me. His hands cup my cheeks and I see a glint in his eye that makes my heart go crazy. He kisses me again and that lightheaded feeling returns. Then he breaks away and kisses a trail along my jaw to my ear. He whispers something, but I’m too dazed to catch what he says. He pulls away, winks at me, then resumes his earlier position, and waggles his ass at me.

There’s a pile of condoms and a new bottle of lube on the bedside table that I hadn’t noticed before. I stare at the condoms like a space cadet. Ziggy and I haven’t used them in a while now, but for this? I don’t know, should we? The tight fit of the condom is somehow reassuring.

My eyes focus on Ziggy’s back. God, that beautiful back. Remember my first time with Ziggy, when my fingers had been itching to touch his back all day? Who am I kidding? I’d wanted to touch it for weeks, maybe months. Probably months. Definitely months. Anyway, remember how I took my time with him that night, kissing and caressing his back, memorizing it? Well, I want to do that tonight, but I know it’s not possible. I’m probably won’t last long, not with both of them here, and there’s an urgency this time. I need to get this going before my brain reengages and I chicken out.

I run my tongue the length of his spine as I enter him. He makes these amazing, wanton, feral noises only Ziggy can make, and tosses his head back against my shoulder. I kiss him. All of him. Everything I can reach. His lips, his jaw, the curves of his neck and shoulders, the ridges of his spine and ribs, the smooth skin stretching over his firm muscles. I’m lost in him; gone to a place only he can take me, that special place where it’s just me and him. Except that it isn’t just me and him this time. I’m quickly reminded of that when a garbled noise escapes Ziggy as Colin’s cock slides into his mouth.

Now, you might think that would freak me out, and it kind of does, but I can’t process that with my dick inside Ziggy. Instead, it turns me on more, watching Colin fuck Ziggy’s mouth while I’m fucking him. I nearly come right then and there. Still not sure how I managed not to. I can’t move. I know if I do it’ll all be over for me. But Ziggy, the little devil, isn’t taking it easy on me. He wiggles his ass and the sensations that little move shoots through my body…It doesn’t matter whether I want to hold out or not. I come with the most intense orgasm of my life. My whole body trembles and pulses with it and I bite down on Ziggy’s neck to keep from crying out loud enough to alert the whole damn building.

Colin steps away, and I barely noticed him. I pull out of Ziggy and flip him onto his back, drawing him close to me. I kiss him until neither of us can breathe. Ziggy’s hands are all over me, encouraging me to nip at his neck, his collarbone, his nipples.

I’m so focused on Ziggy I startle when Colin’s hands touch my hips. “Relax, Daron,” Colin says in a voice that has my spent cock stirring again. I feel the sensation of cold lube (god, I love that) just before he presses into me. I sigh. Colin.

The next thing I know, my mouth is full of Ziggy’s cock. The image of Ziggy sucking Colin as I fucked him is now burned permanently into my brain and I keep seeing it, over and over again. I’m fully hard again, and drowning in the sensation of being full on both ends. Ziggy’s hands clutch my shoulders tightly as I bring him closer to the edge, while Colin’s fingers dig into my hips so hard I know I’ll have bruises in the morning. Not that I’m thinking about that right now.

Ziggy makes a noise, a sound as velvety as his cock sliding along my tongue. I can feel the tension coiling in him. Then he abruptly pulls me off him and looks into my eyes, searching, as he says, “My turn?” I know what he means. He wants Colin to fuck him now. He’s asking if it’s alright with me. Colin stills, waiting for my response. I smile at Ziggy and nod, kissing him before we change positions again.

I finally find my voice and I think what spills from my mouth surprises all of us. “Don’t be too rough with him. I…I’m not into that stuff.” Ziggy and Colin share a look. Ziggy turns back to me, chuckling.

“You’re so fucking cute, Daron,” he says, and I feel the heat in my face. I just don’t want to watch Colin rough him up or whatever the hell they do together. I have a very vivid memory of the bruises and handprints on Ziggy’s body from that time he was high on X, and I just…I don’t care if that’s what gets them off. I just don’t want to watch it.

Maybe I’m not all that creative, but with Colin now fucking Ziggy, and my dick begging for attention, the only thing I can think to do with it is stick it in Ziggy’s mouth. He doesn’t protest when Colin and I tag-team him again. Did anyone really think he would? He’s lapping at me hungrily and grunting as Colin’s hips slam against him with more force than he’d used with me. I can’t take my eyes off Ziggy. I already think he is the most beautiful creature I’ve ever laid eyes on, but now, like this? With Colin pounding into him and my dick sliding in and out of his mouth? He looks like some sort of…sex god or something. I don’t know. I’m not thinking clearly right now. I just know he’s more beautiful, more spectacular, than I’d ever given him credit for, and that’s definitely saying something.

Ziggy’s arms start to tremble and my dick slips from his mouth. “Daron,” he breathes. The look in his eyes makes my knees weak. “Touch me.”

Oh hell. Yes, please. I lie down on my back and slither underneath him. I wrap my mouth around his cock again, and his warm mouth surrounds mine, too. Oh fuck, this is incredible. I don’t even have to move, really, because Colin is fucking him so hard he pushes Ziggy deeper into my throat with each thrust.

Ziggy’s body tightens up, and Colin’s rhythm falters. I’m right there with them. I reach one hand up and cup Ziggy’s balls, gently rolling them between my fingers and feel the hum vibrate through me from deep in his throat. My other hand massages Colin the same way.

“Oh fuck, Daron, fuuuck,” Colin slurs, as he gives a final thrust into Ziggy.

Colin’s orgasm sets off something of a chain reaction, with Ziggy close behind him, coming down my throat. Ziggy kind of drapes himself across me, and I unload forcefully into his mouth.

We collapse onto the bed together, a tangle of hot, sweaty bodies and limbs. I gradually become aware of the sounds of heavy breathing, the hum of the air conditioner, and Ziggy’s unbelievably sexy purring. Colin and I make a Ziggy sandwich with Ziggy turned toward me, kissing me and running his fingers through my sweaty hair. Colin’s hand strokes my back while he nibbles Ziggy’s neck.

I want to say I continued drifting in some post-orgasmic haze, but no. I panic.

At first, no one notices. We’re all breathing hard, so the fact that I was breathing a little harder than everyone else didn‘t register with them. The words I had a threesome with Ziggy and Colin chase themselves around my brain in an endless litany. I close my eyes, willing myself to calm down, telling myself I have no regrets, that I enjoyed it, that it was fucking awesome. That little voice in my head is never quite loud enough.

I break away from Ziggy and roll onto my back, staring up at the ceiling. I can’t breathe. I can’t think.

Ziggy’s sleepy words come to me from the end of a long tunnel. “Daron,” he says and I strain to focus on his voice. “It’s okay. Breathe with me.” He’s doing the same thing I did that time he had a panic attack after we had sex in NOLA. Remember? Anyway, he’s holding me, and I feel his chest rise and fall against my back. He must have turned me on my side and pulled me against him at some point. He hums in my ear and I focus on his voice, trying to match my breaths with his. He coos and softly kisses behind my ear, and finally he pulls me through.

“I’m sorry I’m an idiot, you guys,” I utter when I’m finally able to speak. I feel like such a dumbass for panicking and wonder what they must think of me.

I shouldn’t have worried. Colin leans across Ziggy and kisses my lips. Ziggy smiles, then there is a few minutes of three-way kissing, which was a little awkward, but still kind of nice. We snuggle up together and I idly wonder if this is how these things are supposed to go afterward. Is there such a thing as ‘supposed to’ when it comes to stuff like this? I don’t know. What I do know is there is no place I’d rather be at this moment.


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