Feb Fanworks: Flesh For Fantasy by Chris

Fanworks challenge submission #2, by Chris, featuring Daron/Ziggy/Colin. Delicious.


Daron usually tells our story. Yes, it’s our story, not just his. We’re all in this together, even when we’re physically apart. When Daron told his fantasy about a three way with Colin, I don’t expect that he thought I’d read it. Well I did. Guess what? I think we’ve all had thoughts about what a three way between Daron, Colin and me would be like. What surprised me most about Daron’s fantasy…besides how freakin’ hot it was, and that he actually talked (eh…wrote) about it… was that it was totally different from how I’ve thought about what it would be like to have them both. And believe me, I have thought about it. You can’t be stuck in a rolling sardine can for weeks at a time and not fantasize about the hot guys right there in your face.

For instance, back on the 1989 tour, before “the Megashits stuck gerbs all over the stage” we were dealing with the graffiti incident and tensions were high. We spent an unplanned night in a roadside motel. If I recall correctly, I was having a panic attack as quietly as possible in my bus bunk. It was a really bad night, confrontations, stress, and general ass-hattery had gotten to me. Except, once Daron realized I was about to have a melt-down he did the most unexpected thing, he held me. He just crawled into the narrow bunk, wrapped me in his arms and held me and helped me to breathe. I would have loved to have stayed that way all night, but as I said, not long after Daron climbed into the bunk with me, we pulled into the motel.

Once we got off the bus room keys were handed out all around and we drug ourselves to our assigned room. Colin had the key, unlocked and opened the door. He walked into the room, and Daron and I followed behind. Colin came to an abrupt stop, Daron and I pulled up short behind him. Since he’s taller than either of us, we weren’t sure what caused him to stop. Daron moved past him on the left and I started to follow. As I pulled even with Colin, our eyes met. His glanced toward the beds and he raised his eyebrows. For a second I was lost, no idea what he was trying to tell me. Then it hit me. The three of us had been put into one room. Two double beds. Daron had thrown his stuff on the bed he normally takes in every hotel room that has more than one bed, and started to dig out his toothbrush and toothpaste. Colin and I were still standing frozen, neither of us advanced into the room, which would have required some level of acknowledgement of the sleeping arrangements that needed to be decided. My mind started running the scenarios.

Two beds, three of us.

I had just woken up from being held in Daron’s arms, and I really wanted to spend the rest of the night doing more of the same. However, these sleeping arrangements offered several intriguing options. Daron walked zombie style into the bathroom with his travel kit and closed the door behind him. Colin and I once again made eye contact, and I heard a low humming sound from Colin…just that “hmmm” someone might make without realizing they actually vocalized it.

I expected Daron to room with Bart, but Bart paired off with Christian, leaving Daron, Colin and me to share this room. That is a known fact. Here is another fact, I remember being so tired and drained after my almost meltdown, I don’t recall the actual sleeping arrangements, other than nothing happened. Nada. No hot three way. Not even a two way with a spectator. Just sleeping. I kinda think Colin took a pillow and crashed out on the floor. If we could go back and do it over differently, I’m not sure I’d change anything in real life. Oh… did you hear that? That was Daron snorting and rolling his eyes. He’s not even here with me, but I’m pretty sure that would be his reaction. Don’t get me wrong…I’d love it, it would be amazing. But would it be worth the fall out? Hell no. Anyway, I didn’t plan to go down a rabbit hole about our relationship. Daron’s right, a three way didn’t happen. But that doesn’t mean I can’t fantasize too that it did.

In my fantasy we didn’t just crash out. In my fantasy….

I am still shaky from my almost meltdown almost panic attack. I feel hollow inside, jittery, drained. Daron walks out of the bathroom, leaving his toiletry stuff on the vanity. He stops next to Colin and I can see he’s getting ready to ask what we’re doing just standing around. When he turns his head to look at us, he is faced with two sets of raised eyebrows and eyes shifting between him and the set-up of two double beds. Daron’s shoulders drop and he huffs out a deep sigh. I can tell he thinks he is going to have to take charge, call the front desk, and get it straightened out. He even starts to walk toward the phone on the little table between the beds; his first steps bring him directly in front of Colin. Before he can go further, Colin puts a hand on each shoulder and stops him. Colin leans down and quietly says into his ear, just loud enough that I can hear what is said in the quiet of the room.

“It will be okay.”

I’m not sure what anyone is going to do, but I know that if I don’t sit down, I’m going to fall down. With that in mind I move past Daron and Colin and sit on the corner of the bed on the slippery orange print bedspread. I feel my butt starting to slide back toward the edge of the bed, so I just throw myself back and let my weight stop me from falling, feet dangling just above the floor and my arms over my head. I’m stretched out, knees bent over the side of the mattress and my shirt pulled up showing my stomach above my jeans. Colin is still behind Daron, his hands on Daron’s shoulders. Giving Daron a small push, they move together toward me. I look up and both Daron and Colin are staring at that bit of exposed skin with heat in their eyes.

Colin gives Daron another small shove and they end up between my knees at the edge of the bed. Colin moves slowly to Daron’s right side and moves his right hand from Daron’s shoulder, letting his left hand drag across and down Daron’s back, ending up at the small of his back where he starts to make little soothing circles. I can’t see that this is what is happening, but I can hear the faint swish of the material as Colin’s hand rubs Daron gently. Colin’s right hand is reaching for me and I think he’s trying to get me to move. I lean up on my elbows and prepare to move, but Colin shakes his head and lets his right hand drop to my chest. He’s now touching us both, like a conduit for electrical energy and that’s exactly what it felt like to me.

Colin wraps his hand in my shirt and pulls me toward them at the same time as his hand on Daron’s back draws him closer to Colin’s side. The result is that all of us basically meet in the middle, with me still sitting on the edge of the bed and Daron and Colin pressed up against me. I turn my head and press it into Daron’s chest, facing Colin but not raising my eyes to make eye contact. Colin moves his hand to rub it over my head and into my hair and by doing so presses my face harder into Daron’s chest. Daron sucks in a breath then wraps his free arm around my shoulders in to a one arm hug. Colin leans toward Daron and when Daron turns his head; Colin brushes his lips across Daron’s in a kiss. I’m almost afraid to move or breathe, but my hands move all on their own to land on each of their hips. I don’t pull them to me or push them closer together; I just link us even more in this circle of energy. As they continue to kiss, my fingers are digging into Colin’s hip bone. I let the fingers on Daron drift under his tee shirt to just over his jeans and softly graze his skin. Daron’s skin is just as hot as it felt in the bunk on the bus when he was pressed up against me and holding me through my panic attack.

Colin reaches for my hand, and pulls my fingers away, but doesn’t let go. Instead, Colin takes my hand and places it over the very big bulge in his jeans behind the zipper. He presses my hand against his hard on and starts to move it up and down, telling me clearly what he wants. Daron pulls back from Colin’s mouth and I glance up. I’m sure Daron is going to freak out and leave, but instead he gives me a long hot look and climbs up on the bed behind me. Daron wraps his arms around my shoulders from behind and leans in to breathe on my neck. I can feel his hot breath puffing out onto my skin and I shudder. With him pressed against me he can feel every tremor and I can feel him getting hard.

Daron starts to pull my shirt off, and I raise my hands to help him. My shirt lands on the floor next to the bed and I reach up and start to unbutton Colin’s shirt from the bottom. Colin grabs his shirttails and pulls his own shirt off and it lands somewhere next to mine. I feel Daron’s bare chest press back up against me, his shirt joining the pile at some point. When Daron leans into my back, I’m pushed forward on the damn slippery bedcover and land with my face in Colin’s stomach. I rub my nose along Colin’s happy trail and snuffle into his skin. I can smell how excited he’s getting. Colin reaches down and pops the button on his jeans and slowly lowers the zipper. I put my hand back, this time into the opening of his jeans and rub his dick through his underwear. I let my thumb run across the head of his cock and feel the cotton getting wet. Daron leans further over my shoulder his head now pressed almost cheek to cheek with mine and licks his lips.

I must have made a noise and as our heads turned to each other I attacked Daron’s mouth with mine, licking over his mouth and nipping at his lips with my teeth. I want this man more than I want my next breath, and by want, I mean his cock in me, anyway I can have it. Colin puts a hand on each of our necks, not forcing us together or pulling us apart, just touching. Eventually Colin is kissing both of our necks, shoulders; anywhere he can reach bare skin. I’m not sure how long we’ve been making out, but Colin straightens up and motions to us to stand up. Daron and I both crawl off the bed and once again we’re all standing together like we’re getting ready for a three way slow dance. I guess in a way we are.

Colin’s jeans are already open and starting to fall down on their own, so he pushes his underwear down and steps out of both, having already at some point toed out of his shoes. Colin is now standing there naked and not looking the least bit unsure. That confidence inspires us and Daron and both begin to kick our shoes off and get rid of the rest of our clothes. Once we’re all naked, Colin takes Daron’s shoulders and gently positions him back on the side of the bed. I am getting ready to drop to my knees between Daron’s legs, but Colin takes over again and moves me to straddle Daron, with my knees on either side of his thighs so that I’m facing him. I look into his eyes and run my fingers into his hair and once again start to kiss him. Hot, deep, tongue probing kisses. Teeth crashing, spit slippery lips and breathing air into each other’s lungs.

Colin walks away and I don’t know what he’s doing or what I want him to do, but I know I don’t want him to leave. I start to pull back to tell him when I see he’s digging in one of the bags and pulls out lube. Yes! You can always count on Colin!

Colin comes up behind me and drops to his knees. My ass is draped across Daron’s lap and I’m spread and exposed. I arch my back so that my ass lifts even higher and I hear Colin chuckle. I’m expecting to feel some cool lube, but instead I feel Colin’s hot tongue. He licks directly up my crack and starts to swirl and press against my hole. With one big hand on each ass cheek he spreads me and dives in even further. He starts to tongue fuck me and it feels amazing. I’m starting to drip and I move my hips a bit to increase the penetration of his tongue. This brings my cock into contact with Daron’s. We are both wet and slippery. Daron lets out a low moan and I am moving between them rotating my hips like I’m working a stripper pole.

Soon I feel Colin’s lube slicked finger inside me along with his tongue. After several deep strokes, he pulls his face back and inserts a second finger and starts to probe and scissor my ass. Daron looks past my shoulder and tells Colin, “Not too much, I like him tight.”

Colin uses my hips to pull me back and off of Daron’s lap. He helps me stand and steadies me before spinning me around so that I’m facing him with my back to Daron.

“Daron, move back on the bed more, but stay here on the edge,” Colin says.

Daron tries to scoot back and stay scooted, but the bedspread isn’t cooperating. In frustration, Daron yanks it back so that our corner of the bed is down to the sheets so that his ass stops sliding. Once he’s settled Colin backs me up and between the two of them (at this point I don’t know whose hand is who’s) I sit over Daron’s lap as he works his cock into my ass.

Daron is taking his time and its a few minutes before he’s all the way in. We both let out a long groan at how good that feels. Daron grabs my waist and starts to move me up and down on his cock, not really moving much himself other than to occasionally rotate his hips. I’m bouncing up and down, my dick smacking against my belly leaving a string of pre-cum between my stomach and tip.

Colin steps forward and holding his cock in one hand and my cheek in the other rubs his dickhead against my lips. I open up and swallow as he presses his cock in my mouth. Daron and I slow down as I start to suck Colin’s dick. Daron reaches around and wraps my dick in his hand. I can feel the calluses on his fingers, a hand I’d know anywhere. He knows how I liked to be stoked and between his dick in my ass pressing in all the right places and a cock in my mouth, I’m ready to come. I make a grunting noise, the universal sign for “I’m getting ready to come” and Daron fists my dick tighter and pumps faster. I pull back off Colin and pull my legs closer to my chest as I start to come hard. Daron makes a couple more hard pumps with his hand and hard thrusts in my ass and follows me, arching his back and groaning.

We’re both shaking and trying to catch our breath when Colin starts to stroke his cock hard and thrust into his hand. Within seconds Colin is shooting hot and wet and it’s landing on both me and Daron. Opening and closing his fist a few times and shaking his hand like he’s trying to regain the feeling, Colin looks down at us and smiles. It’s a sexy confident smile followed by a satisfied chuckle. Daron hugs me and kisses the back of my neck. We are a sticky mess, but I don’t care. I snuggle in and roll us into a tight cuddle, planning to stay that way all night.

And I know it didn’t happen, but how sweet it would have been if it did.


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