Feb Fanworks: Tits for Tatts by Bill Heath

First of three submissions for the February Fanworks Challenge, with the theme of threesomes or moresomes. Enjoy!


Barrett was speaking. “OK, you get tomorrow off to take care of personal stuff. Get your partying done tonight, because tomorrow night you’re going to bed early. We leave the next morning for South America.”

We all looked at each other. Chris said, “Party!” We all yelled back, “Tonight!” I guess that settled it. Ziggy, Daron, Flip and I went out for dinner. We met the others back at the hotel and immediately got into an argument about what to do.

Daron and Bart wanted to go see a band at some small club. Ziggy wanted to go with them. Flip, Carynne, Chris and I agreed on a dance club. After some arguing we settled on Limelight. Really, where else? “Col’, you behave yourself tonight, OK?” Then Carynne laughed. I assured her I would behave as well as she did. She handed around a bunch of beers and we drank up. There was still some alcohol left in the hotel suite, and we couldn’t let it go to waste. All four of us had a major buzz on by the time we left.

The taxi dropped the four of us off in the front and we paid to get in. Yeah, I suppose Car’ – or maybe Chris – could have gotten us in for free, but we agreed that we were looking to remain low-key. We stayed near the main dance floor and Flip bought the first round. We all got beers except Carynne. She got some kind of mixed drink called a ‘Blow Job.’ We all laughed and said that we were the ones who should be getting that. Carynne told us the night wasn’t over yet.

After maybe thirty minutes a girl recognized Chris, and we didn’t see him for the rest of the evening. The next day he told us he was chafed. Not one of us felt sorry for him.

Carynne wanted to dance, so Flip and I danced with her. I think it was mostly just shuffling feet and waving arms, kind of like what you do when you want to warm up because you got too cold. But the bass beat was thrumming and, well, you know, it was kind of exciting. Anyway, I got excited. I wondered if Carynne would think that sex with me would be crossing a line. So, I decided to ask her. I was sufficiently alcohol-uninhibited that I was blurting it out when she spotted someone on a dance stand.

The guy looked familiar. About six feet tall, dark hair (but then, mine was dark sometimes) loud purple shirt with sequins. “Oh My God, I think it’s him!” That was Carynne, who hadn’t heard a word I said. She took off like a rocket (well, if rockets kind of stagger and weave their way through a crowd) and stood staring at the guy. I still hadn’t asked her about sex, so I followed. Flip joined us.

“Hey!” Carynne was yelling at the guy. “I’m Carynne!” The guy smiled at her and extended a hand to help her up on the stand with him.

“I’m Jasah, ah, Jake.” Guy can’t remember his own name? Gimme a fuckin’ break. Carynne got on the stand and started to get familiar. She unbuttoned the guy’s shirt, so he unbuttoned hers. I would have been staring at her chest, but Jasah-Jake’s eyes wandered to me and Flip. “Wow! Great tatts!” He jumped down and approached us. Carynne looked a bit frustrated, but followed him.

“Man, your tatts are awesome!” He was talking to Flip, of course. They really were, you know. Then he turned to me and ran his fingertip around my neck. “Incredible! Those must have hurt.” He continued tracing the tatts and I started to wonder. Nah, he had noticed Carynne and pulled her out of the crowd and unbuttoned her blouse. Carynne wouldn’t be competition for me because there was no competition; the guy had to be interested in pussy.

Jasah-Jake stepped away from me and traced one of Flip’s tattoos with a fingertip. Flip had a twitch in his lip that I thought might be the beginning of a smile. Maybe I had been wrong. That’s when Carynne went to the guy with two names. “See, I’ve got one.” She had pulled her slacks down to show off her left hip. There was a tiny tattoo, maybe a rose or something. Fingertips again. The guy asked if we wanted to see his tattoos. This could get interesting.

He unbuckled his belt then remembered where he was. He closed up his belt and raised his right pant leg to show us a small tattoo on his ankle. Carynne bent down and traced it with a fingertip. Fuck it, so did I. Then Flip did the same.

“I can’t get tattoos where they can show because of my job.” I sure as shit understood that, having lost far too many office jobs because of my own tatts. “But I’ve got three more I can show you. Ya know, like, somewhere else maybe?” Carynne got a wide grin and her eyes were shining. She took his arm and started to pull him away.

“You guys come, too. We can all compare tatts.” That’s when I noticed his eyes were a little glazed. Maybe there was hope yet for tonight. The guy pulled out a pager and left some sort of short message. Code, I figured.

We followed him. Flip asked me if I recognized the guy. He looked vaguely familiar, I just couldn’t place where. “I think I know who he is, but I’m gonna ask him first.” Flip’s smile was broadening.

We went out the main entrance and were ushered into a white limousine. Plenty of room for all four of us. This guy was clearly somebody, I just couldn’t figure out who.

“Where are we headed?” Carynne was hanging on the guy, her fingertips tracing imaginary tattoos on his chest. He grinned, then asked her to show him the tattoo again. When she pulled her slacks aside he leaned over and licked the small bit of ink. Carynne giggled like a twelve year old. She immediately pulled his foot up into her lap, raised his pant leg, and licked his ankle.

“Hey, can I get some of that?” I was still hopeful for tonight. Carynne switched seats so she was next to me. She licked the right side of my neck. Then there was a tongue on the other side of my neck. Since I could see Flip sitting across from me, which left only one person.

I’m not sure why, but Flip chose that moment to ask Jasah-Jake if he was the guy who starred in that television show about the teenage kids in California. His tongue left my neck and disappeared into his closed mouth. “No, I get that all the time, though.” He stared directly into Flip’s eyes. “Do you think that guy’s hot?”

Flip nodded his head. “Yeah. I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing.” He grinned.

They let us out in front of a tall building with an impressive entrance. The doorman opened the door for ‘Jake.’ “Hello, Mr.” That’s all he got out.

“Smith. Jake Smith, remember?” The doorman nodded his head.

“Welcome home, Mr. Smith.” Smooth as silk.

We got out and went through the impressive entrance to a more impressive lobby. Our host called the elevator and, when it arrived, inserted his key card into a slot. The Penthouse floor indicator lit up. ‘Jake Smith’ my ass.

When we got into his apartment, which looked like a showroom for a really upscale bordello, he gestured at the wet bar and told us to help ourselves. Carynne started toward the bar and our host held her back. “You want another tattoo?” She grinned and nodded her head.

The guy pulled a Sharpie out of an end-table drawer, reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She shrugged out of it; her nipples were standing up like sentries. He drew a target on her left tit, then licked it. I couldn’t help myself, so I crossed to her seat and went to lick it myself. My tongue collided with Flip’s. We laughed, and I let Flip go first. This evening had some real possibilities.

“Showtime.” That was our host, who pointed at Flip. Flip removed his shirt showing off some more ink. Carynne leaned over and licked it, followed by Jake followed by me. Flip’s breathing got a little quicker.

“My turn.” Jake kicked his pants off to show us the other tattoos. He had gone commando, which I guess shouldn’t have surprised me. He pointed at each hip, then at his dick. He actually had a vine tattooed around the base of his penis. Carynne licked one hip, then the other. Next she licked the vine. Then it was my turn. I licked each hip in turn, and saw Carynne looking at me with a huge grin on her face. So, I licked the vine around the base of his cock. Then I gave a little lick to his balls and sat back. Flip’s turn, he did what I did, except he skipped the balls and went straight for the head.

It was finally my turn. I took off my pants and my black boxers. They were looking for the tattoos, so I told Carynne to grab the Sharpie and give me a new tattoo. She drew small circles on my balls, then a small line of circles up my rod. By then she had a firm surface for her art. She carefully licked each one of my half dozen new tattoos, then swatted my butt; I figured we were done. Not so fast there, Mr. Guitar Tech.

Flip knelt in front of me and gave a perfunctory lick to the ones on my balls. The he licked all four of the circles up my dick, basically simultaneously. I was buried balls deep in his mouth. I warned him I was about to come, so he backed off. Flip was struggling with his belt, so Carynne and Jake helped him out of his pants and briefs.

My turn to play artist. I drew a snake that started at Flip’s anus and ended up at the head of his cock. I started with probing his asshole, then licked along the snake all the way to the crown, then back down his phallus, circled his balls, and back to his anus for another probe. Carynne repeated my actions, but never took the return trip. She stayed on his dick for two minutes until he forcefully withdrew. I knew from stories she had told us that swallowing wasn’t a problem for her, but I think Flip was hoping to extend the ecstasy.

Jake got condoms and lube out of the same drawer that had held the Sharpie. He put one on himself and one on me, lubing me up well. He finished undressing Carynne and told her to lie down on the floor. He slowly slid into her and her face brightened. Jake raised his ass into the air and pointed at me. I knew what that meant. I lubed up my fingers to start loosening him up.

Without saying a word he pointed at Flip, then at his own mouth. Flip grinned and complied. Jake played with Flip’s balls while I progressed to three fingers. He was already pretty loose when I started, so I supported myself on my elbows and lay down on top of him. I didn’t want to crush our road manager.

As I slid into him he hummed around Flip’s cock. I knew how that felt and it turned me on some more. I tried slowly entering him and he made a circle with his hand. For a guy who I figured made his living speaking words on film, he sure could communicate without saying a word. I slammed into him and he groaned. I think he tried saying something like “More, Harder,” but I couldn’t tell. Flip had taken hold of his hair and was fucking him in the mouth.

All three of us were fucking this guy at the same time. That alone was hot, made hotter by the moans, groans and miscellaneous other noises all four of us were making. I slammed into him as hard as I could, my balls slapping him on the ass. He got into a rhythm where he was fucking Carynne on his downstroke and backing into my dick on his upstroke. His head was bobbing up and down on Flip’s manhood, and then Flip made a sound I recognized.

“Jeezuschristalmighty.” Flip’s whole body convulsed, and it became obvious that Carynne wasn’t the only one who didn’t mind swallowing. Then Carynne let out a cry and started vocalizing her orgasm. Then Jake was trembling and groaning. Finally, I filled the condom with warm semen and slowly withdrew.

I climbed off, Flip backed up and Jake rolled off Carynne. “God that was incredible.” Carynne was beaming. “Let me know when you guys are ready for a repeat.” I figured it would take at least thirty minutes, but Carynne knew a shortcut. Once the guys were all seated together on a sofa she began running her fingers over her labia, then slipped one inside, then another. She started writhing and moaning. I figured it was fake, but then she wasn’t trying to get off. She was trying to get us hard again. And it worked.

Carynee’s voice was catching when she called to Flip and pointed at her crotch. Jake put a condom on him and he went to work. Jake slipped a condom on himself, but Flip said he didn’t take it up the ass. Jake slid back and began licking Flip’s dick as he fucked Carynne. One hole left and I filled it. God, that man could suck a dick. He licked the head, then that spot just below the head – yeah, that one – and bathed my cock up and down with his tongue. I tried pulling back when I felt my balls tighten, but Flip reached forward with his hands and started pulling me into his mouth with my hips. Flip and I came simultaneously, then Carynne. Jake was stroking himself, so Carynne climbed out from under Flip and put her hand over his.

He let go with his hand and started licking his rod. She invited me and Flip to help. She didn’t have to ask twice. We shared his erection among the three of us without too much head-bumping. When he fountained his orgasm we shared it among ourselves.

Another forty-five minutes and it was my turn. Carynne put a condom on me using her mouth, something that I always found highly erotic. I wasn’t so sure I had another orgasm in me, but what did I know. When Carynne started rising up to meet me I quickened my pace. Having already come several times, this one was going to last a while.

Flip lay down with his legs to our sides and offered up his meat. Fuck vegetarians, I was a carnivore. I tried to give him the same stupendous blow job he had given me. Then I felt a tongue going in and out of my ass. I’d never let anybody near my ass in my life, but this was a new experience. And not so bad. Then I felt a lubed finger enter. Jake’s fingers were extraordinarily slender, and this too didn’t feel so bad. After a couple of journeys in and out it actually felt a little good. When the second finger joined the first it hurt. But it hurt good. I can’t believe I’m letting this take place.

I was getting distracted by what was happening in the back of the bus and lost my concentration on Flip. He started to pull out, so I did my best vacuum cleaner imitation. I’d only rarely sucked a dick, I was mostly straight and let other guys suck mine, or I fucked them. Sure, a hand job, but I wasn’t gay. While busy with paying Flip back for the incredible hummer, I hardly noticed when the third finger joined the first two. Then I noticed. I was being stretched and it hurt. But the fingers hit that magic spot and the arousal outweighed the pain.

Jake pegged my prostate another couple of times and withdrew his fingers. I wanted them back, but couldn’t say a thing with my mouth full. The next thing I knew the fingers were back, but without knuckles. That’s because they weren’t fingers. I was taking a dick up the ass for the first time. I was bucking on top of Carynne trying to throw Jake off but it wasn’t working. Then he finally hit my prostate and I felt full and good and Jesus Christ. The next thing I knew I was pushing back on him, wanting more.

Evidently my sucking did the trick and I got a weak stream from Flip down my throat. Not a lot to swallow there. Carynne was moaning underneath me, and I tried to match my forward thrusts to her own up and down motion, while pushing back against Jake’s shaft. Carynne orgasmed seconds before I did. With my mouth now free, I was groaning and demanding more from Jake. He gave a final push and I felt him shudder. I was still dribbling into the condom when he came. He pulled out and I did the same. I pulled the condom off and, when Jake rolled off of me, I joined him in throwing them in the trash can.

I didn’t know how to feel about what we had done. Fucking Carynne was great. Getting sucked by both of the other guys had been incredible. And, even though it was a rarity, blowing each of them had been OK. But, losing my gay virginity was a new experience. I didn’t want to, but I enjoyed it. Fuck. Maybe I wasn’t as straight as I thought.

Ten minutes later Jake announced he needed to get some sleep. He told us to head downstairs and the limo would take us back to our hotel. Flip and I wouldn’t look at each other. I didn’t know if this had been par for the course for him, but it surely was new territory for me. Flip and I each took one of Carynne’s hands after we had gotten our clothes back on, and took the elevator to the ground floor.

“Was that him?” I wasn’t sure. I mean, I was pretty certain his name wasn’t Jake Smith, but was he really a well-known television actor who played the lady’s man and was a fan favorite?

“Yeah.” Carynne was sure. “There was a photo of him with his costars on the coffee table. That was him.” Christ, I’d fucked a star. Then I thought about fucking other stars – Ziggy, Daron – and smiled. Maybe the next time we got together I’d share some of the fucking duty with them.

We got to our hotel and rode the elevator up to our floor. Carynne brought all of us in for a three-way kiss. When we broke, Flip and I smiled at each other. It would be OK between us. Maybe better than OK since we were going to room together. It was four thirty in the morning and the wake-up call was going to come at ten. We’d all agreed to meet for breakfast in the morning.

Once in my room I stripped, threw my clothes in a laundry bag for the hotel to do later that morning and got in the shower. It’s gonna take weeks for the Sharpie ink to wear off. Until then, it was a pleasant reminder of a night well-spent.


  • ctan says:

    Now that’s what I call four on the floor! Hot! Very hot. It’s fun being in Colin’s head, isn’t it? 🙂 And the scene flows nicely.

    The only part that isn’t believable is that they’d have a 10am wake up call. (j/k)

  • Amber says:

    That was fun and hot. Thank you!

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