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When someone dies, even someone you didn’t know that well, don’t you feel like everything kind of… stops? For a moment? Like the whole engine of the world that is made up of all the people connected to that person stutters for a second?

Who’s Going to Ride Your Wild Horses

Maybe it was the blow to the head. I don’t know. Maybe that whole day would have been weird no matter what. Weird and surreal and unbelievable. It wasn’t intentional. The blow to the head, I mean. Landon was properly sugared up and running around like a kid should on Christmas, playing with all his […]

Sea of Sorrow

Ziggy had changed clothes between the club and the loft. He was wearing a denim jacket that once might have been light blue but had been remade violet over a tight white undershirt. Jonathan was holding him forcibly against a wall by his grip on Ziggy’s jacket sleeves, or maybe he was holding himself up, […]

True Colors

(Happy Passover to those who celebrate it, and happy Saturday post to all readers of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles! Your donations made today’s post happen! -ctan) — That might have been the first time I ever heard Ziggy admit there WAS a “real” him. I didn’t say anything about it, though. I just let the idea […]

Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over)

My eyes took a while to absorb the words on the back of the record cover, maybe because of the low light level, which remember Jordan had done supposedly for the good of my concussion. (Maybe it had worked, too, because I felt fine, if tired.) The single in my hands, I learned once the […]

All This Time

Jordan threw a Concussion Party for me. I’m not kidding. I don’t know who told him what was going on but what we found when we got to his place was ambient techno burbling in the background from a new surround-sound speaker system he’d recently installed and ambient lighting low. The first person I saw […]

Middle of the Road

That night I asked Ziggy super-casually if we could hit Limelight. I had no idea if Jordan would be there but he had been at least half the times I’d gone over the past couple of years, even when he wasn’t deejaying, and in the far back of my head I had this inkling that […]

Don’t Box Me In

The guys had not left town. They’d crashed at Jordan’s and Jordan was playing host, therefore we caught up with them at Limelight–Carynne included. Bart had clued her in to what we’d done and so she came down to put her head together with Jordan and me to figure out what the fuck to do […]

Good Times Roll

That night there was something of a party at the hotel. Not an official industry type party, nothing that formal, although there were some industry people there. Like Jordan. And some friends. Like Matthew. I guess it was more of a mass hangout than a party, do you know what I mean? I had a […]

Getting Away With It

(The site was down a bit over the weekend so if you haven’t read the Liner Notes yet, now’s a good time to: http://daron.ceciliatan.com/archives/3884) — It’s hard for me to judge just how fast I got jaded or even exactly when it happened. They say taking a hit hardens you, and I had taken three […]