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914. Heaven or Las Vegas

(Hey folks, I notice we’re only $16 from triggering a Saturday post! I’ll keep an eye on it! -ctan) I should have known that this wouldn’t just be one of Jordan’s regular parties at his loft. But until Tony pulled the limo up to a velvet-roped line somewhere on the Lower East Side, that’s what […]

772. Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over)

My eyes took a while to absorb the words on the back of the record cover, maybe because of the low light level, which remember Jordan had done supposedly for the good of my concussion. (Maybe it had worked, too, because I felt fine, if tired.) The single in my hands, I learned once the […]

718. What the World is Waiting For

(Join me this Thursday April 21st 9-10p EDT for a video chat to talk about Daron’s Guitar Chronicles and the Kickstarter effort! RSVP on Facebook or bookmark the Youtube streaming page directly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSJWPwxEjGA. If we get to $3,000 in donations before the chat, we’ll follow it with a donors-only chat with Daron! -ctan) — If […]

715. It’s Different For Girls

(22 days left in the DGC Kickstarter!) I’ll relate to you one more Bradley story before I get back to talking nonstop about Ziggy. The night we’d told Bradley and Marvelle we were hiring them both, we ened up at Jordan’s. When Carynne had talked to him to vet Marvelle, he’d mentioned we should drop […]

708. Dogs of Lust

We slept in, had a late brunch at the little place Ziggy liked, did some shopping, met Bart and Chris for dinner, scrapped plans to go to another live musc show, and ended up at Limelight. Well no, actually, Limelight was just another stop on the way to Jordan’s loft once again, with about a […]

672. Let Love Rule

(Happy Thanksgiving, USians! Happy Thursday, everyone else! -ctan) Turns out everyone but me thought we were going to Jordan’s after The Cat Club. I caught up with the plan quickly, though. I went to say goodbye to Artie and found him talking to Barrett, who I hadn’t even realized was there. “How long you in […]