• cayra says:

    I like the monochrome-on-black best. *_* It’s pretty. I’d love a printed book edition. I hope the t-shirts won’t be too expensive, cause I’m poor. Really want one, though.

    Digital means of payment would be great for overseas’ fans like me. I’m definetely NOT sending € in cash over the pond.

    As far as I know, Amazon has a payments service that is similar to the Google one. Maybe that would be more attractive, since many people use Amazon anyway.

    A webcomic artist I follow linked to this post a while ago, which has details on Paypal alternatives. http://lifehacker.com/5821634/why-you-should-ditch-paypal-and-use-these-other-services-to-send-people-money

    I hope that helps.

    • ctan says:

      MCA Hogarth mentioned the Amazon payments option in a reply over at Livejournal — I should definitely look into that. Amazon isn’t without its problems from time to time, too (like the Amazon “glitch” that de-listed thousands of gay books “accidentally” for months, so that if you typed “gay” into the Amazon search bar all you would get was the religious right’s “how to cure homosexuality” books…!! just for example…) but maybe they are the lesser of two evils. At the moment anyway.

      Thanks for the link. I’ll definitely check it out as soon as I’m done with comment replying. 🙂

      • cayra says:

        Yeah, that ‘glitch’ sucked, but at least they bent to the pressure of the offended public.
        The thing I like about Amazon WebPay is that it’s completely free.

  • Walker says:

    I really hope you go with a shirt that is black since that’s pretty much the only color t-shirt I wear (I have a terrible tendency to spill on white shirts actually any light color shirts and yet never on dark -shrug-). Plus it looks nicer and its much more rock concert 🙂 As for donations maybe put up an address for snail-mail donations along with the paypal for now and keep researching for an alternate digital payment method, the article cayra posted is the same my hubby said to post. I have another kinda random, when will DGC4 be coming out?

    • ctan says:

      Book four will probably encompass this whole tour, so it won’t be for a while. The tour itself is 29 dates so I am guessing it will be sixth months or so before it wraps up in the serial. Since it is 2-3 posts per city, usually (if it’s like the last tour, which I expect it will be).

      I actually do already take snail mail donations, but only a few have arrived that way, compared to digital. Then again I have always emphasized the digital tip jar over the mail so that’s probably no surprise.

  • sanders says:

    I’m on the board of OTW and we’re running into some similar issues with Paypal being skeevy, and wanting to prepare to change processors. Our finance committee has been looking for alternatives both for US payment processors and ways to take international donations. Once we have a good list with pros and cons, I’d be happy to forward that on to you.

  • Andrea says:

    i wish i had some useful advice on the payments. I am willing to pay via check and snail mail though. Also even though I like the black tee the best, the blue one is cool as well. Will there be a printed version of the book? I would definitely buy that.

    • ctan says:

      Well, that’s what we’re figuring out. I would love to do an omnibus or series of paperbacks, depending on how long it comes out in printed pages, and if we do it as a Kickstarter there can be T-shirts and all kinds of things, too.

  • Amy says:

    I think Regretsy’s having good luck with WePay, though they seem to be more of a shopping cart/store system. I suppose you could set up a store somewhere with $1, $3, $5 etc donations that had no physical merch, in addition to adding actual merchandise. The “$1 thank-you email” item or something. 😉

    I tickied a lot of things in the poll because usually it depends on whether I’ve got money when you’re asking for donations (*coughforporncough*). I have to admit that the convenience of sending you whatever’s lurking in my Paypal account is partially responsible for most of my donations, so I do wonder if I’d just stop without that, whether or not that’s my intention (it’s not).

    Paypal has apparently reversed their decision for now. But I won’t be surprised when their next shenanigans make waves:

    • ctan says:

      Thanks! Yeah, I saw the “reversal” today. Good news… for now. I guess I’ll add the Amazon pay system also, in case that helps, keep Paypal for now, and mull over all the Kickstarter and other ideas people have been tossing me all week.

  • Tracy Nagurski says:

    I love DGC! Are there really t-shirts, because I want them for all my friends, and my daughter and 2 for myself. That’s about…6, maybe 8.

    I would also appreciate the info for snail mail donation, because that’s more my style and I refuse to have a bank account. That’s what kids are for!

    Many, many thanks for your effort, and for the most fun I’ve had in years.


    • ctan says:

      So glad you’re enjoying it!

      There really are T-shirts, or there will be on this Friday when I get to pick up a batch! I ordered a few extra to top up the order to meet their minimum, so I will have some to sell. It’ll depend on what sizes you want whether I have enough! I’ll post next week after I fulfill all the pre-orders what what quantity I’ve got. (I’ll also have lots of extra tote bags, I think!)

      And yes, donations are accepted by snail mail. The address is on the supporters page, but here ’tis:
      C. Tan/DGC
      39 Hurlbut St
      Cambridge, MA 02138

  • Bill Heath says:

    I’m very late to this party. Reverse red on black.

    A consulting client is herself a consultant to escort agencies and publishes “how to” books for setting up and running one. She was able to figure out how to bypass the anti-erotica crap to put money into her account. I’ll try to find out from her how she did it if you wish.

    • ctan says:

      Paypal has mostly taken a hands off approach now to erotica, writing, and publishing, although they’re still seizing the earnings of filmed porn and other things they classify as “sex work” (including ticket sales to burlesque performances and registration fees for sex ed/spice up your sex classes). So in the end we’ve stuck with them.

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