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Tower of Strength

I was the first one off the stage when we ended the regular set and I stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting for the others. Ziggy came last and pretty much fell into my arms, limp and trembling with exhaustion. I hung onto him in the cacophony that was the crowd exhorting us […]

Rock of Ages

(Thanks to donations this week, here is a Saturday post!) Ziggy put my eyeliner on. He didn’t say anything, but it didn’t feel weird that he wasn’t saying anything. It felt nice to have him touch my face, like it usually did. His hands were only a little shaky. So were mine. Once the opening […]

You Gotta Look Sharp

I came to life about an hour before soundcheck, soaked myself in the shower and went down to the suite to see who was around. Carynne was there, the per diem book in her lap while she took notes from someone on the phone. I heard her give some complex-sounding details about tour logistics. She […]