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Liner Note #28

It’s been a very emotional and distracting week here in the Boston area in 2013, as most of you probably know unless you’ve been living under a media blackout since the Boston Marathon. (And if you have been under media blackout, but are still reading Daron’s Guitar Chronicles, thank you!) Nothing like staying up all […]

Liner Note #27

Cecilia here. I realized a month had gone by since the last liner note and that I have a bunch of stuff stacking up for you, so here’s one. I had always intended to do these once a month but since this is the 27th note and the site has been posting 39 months at […]


Thanks everyone who voted in our reader poll or who made a donation during the “lobbying” period! I hope you been enjoyed the bonus posts triggered by the donations this past month. In today’s liner note, Daron and I have various fun videos, history notes, we talk a lot more about New Jersey, and so […]