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When I got home there was a message from Carynne saying she was on her way to my house to bring Chris up to speed and hang out a little. “I usually like you to be the first to know things, but after you didn’t call back, I called Bart and talked to him. Call […]

Paper in Fire

The secretaries were not as fawny as the last time I had been here, but then that time had been preceded by a lot of hype and there was the little matter of the unveiling of the gold record. Or maybe it was just that Ziggy wasn’t here this time. Some junior publicist sat me […]

Living in Video

I don’t have anything exciting to tell you about Letterman. It went by so quickly. The whole day was a blur, with a press confab at the BNC offices, a promo photo shoot, a stop at the MTV offices to shoot some little segments for them, and then we got stuck in traffic trying to […]

Let the Day Begin

With ten days to go before we hit the road, the phone rang at 10:30 in the morning, which is a little early but not so early that I felt justified complaining about it. It was Carynne. “Get some coffee in you ASAP,” she said. “The shit’s about the hit the fan.”

Working for the Weekend

No one from BNC called that morning. I found out later why, when we were nosing around the performance hall, and a guy in jeans and a corduroy jacket came in carrying a briefcase. “You must be Daron,” he said when he saw me. “Yes.” I took the hand he was offering and shook it. […]

Have We Got Contact

It was another hurry-up-and-wait soundcheck which didn’t actually start until 3 and dragged on until 4 when they were having some kind of trouble with the synthesizer rig. Eventually MNB let us have the stage, and when we were done they went back to trying to figure out what was crossed up, Tread and two […]