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Another Day in Paradise

By midnight Carynne had faxed me a copy of our contract along with directions to Betty Ford. She also told me she had filled Bart and Chris in, which flipped me out a little. But she said it was really fine. She was the manager now, she said, and she took it as her job […]

Blasphemous Rumors

I got back in the truck and drove to the deli. Jonathan was already there. He stood up when I approached the table, which I took to mean I had an alarming expression on my face.

Anyway You Want It

In the morning we woke up in the parking lot of a motel in Pennsylvania and checked in–one to a room, again. John suggested that Mills and I get together again before we went to the hall at two o’clock. At ten a.m. I was on the phone to Artie to see what kind of […]

Out of the Blue

By the time all the video bullshit was over with and the roadies began hauling our setup onto the stage it was six. It became clear at that point that this stage was smaller than what they’d anticipated as they looked at our gear piled in the middle of it and MNB’s gear set up […]

Working for the Weekend

No one from BNC called that morning. I found out later why, when we were nosing around the performance hall, and a guy in jeans and a corduroy jacket came in carrying a briefcase. “You must be Daron,” he said when he saw me. “Yes.” I took the hand he was offering and shook it. […]