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Liner Note #35

Daron here. Kind of quick liner note today. ctan’s too busy to do her part, so I’ve just got some various things to share with you. NEW CHAT ROOM! First, check it out. We installed a chat room here on the website. It’s at https://daron.ceciliatan.com/chat-room, and we’ll be hosting a live Q&A chat with me […]

402. Paper in Fire

The secretaries were not as fawny as the last time I had been here, but then that time had been preceded by a lot of hype and there was the little matter of the unveiling of the gold record. Or maybe it was just that Ziggy wasn’t here this time. Some junior publicist sat me […]

129. Pop Will Eat Itself

“Everything come out alright?” Chris said. “Yeah, fine.” No one said anything for a few minutes while we ate, mouths full. And then Jordan started the talking the next time. “So how many tunes do we have to work with?” He was picking pieces of fatty beef out of his noodles with chopsticks and eating […]