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Wrapped Around Your Finger

I pride myself on being honest. I feel like I worked hard to stop lying to myself and to undo the damage of people lying to me all the time, so if I lie to someone else I consider it really bad. So I’m very not proud of the lie I told in Cleveland. One […]

I Say Nothing

(Happy New Year, everyone! Yes, it’s a holiday, but it’s a Tuesday, too! So here’s a post! -ctan) — I know I’ve been lucky. Sometimes the luck goes bad, and everything works out wrong, but sometimes it all goes right. If there was one thing that worked out perfectly about Ziggy’s throat problems, it was […]


(Poll update! If you haven’t voted on which character I should write the next bonus story about, check out the poll back in Liner Note #24. Meanwhile, Colin only needs $25 more in donations in his name to guarantee a story about him, even if Ziggy beats him in the popular vote…) — Ziggy had […]

Lonely is the Night

(Merry Christmas everyone! It’s Tuesday, so here’s our regular Tuesday post, even though it’s Christmas…) — My wake up call came in the form of Courtney knocking on my door. I could see her through the peephole when I went to groggily look who it could be. I opened the door and blinked as my […]

Yours Is No Disgrace

I wasn’t lying about getting up early. We had to be at the Chicago venue by like four o’clock, which meant a six hour drive, leaving at ten a.m., and actually we had to leave earlier than that so we could have time to stop and eat. The wake up call would come when it […]

Cold As Ice

There’s not much to tell about the next day. We had some tech glitches with the live rig, but between Kevin and Colin and me and Christian and the guys from the venue they were eventually worked out. Soundcheck was a non-event, as if we were all working so hard not to be nervous about […]

Late In The Evening

Close to midnight we pulled in to the motel in Cleveland, and Digger and Carynne did this little vaudeville act at the side door of the van (“After you.” “No, after you.” “Ms. Manager, I insist.” “Oh no, you first Mr. Manager.” and so on until they both moved at the same time and bumped […]