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Ultra Vivid Scene

So the free screening of the film was at a movie theater in Times Square. For those of you who have never seen a movie in New York City, it’s a little bit like going to a gospel church, where people yell at the preacher when the spirit moves them. If you’re used to the […]

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Jonathan. I’m doing a terrible job of explaining what was going on between him and me because it so much easier to tell the dramatic stuff like getting assaulted by a drug-crazed supermodel. It’s a lot more difficult to figure out what’s important to say about a relationship. Maybe that’s the problem. At the time […]

Lonely is the Night

(Merry Christmas everyone! It’s Tuesday, so here’s our regular Tuesday post, even though it’s Christmas…) — My wake up call came in the form of Courtney knocking on my door. I could see her through the peephole when I went to groggily look who it could be. I opened the door and blinked as my […]