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444. Pretending

So, I was expecting a bout of insomnia, but I guess all the alcohol and turkey outdid the stress, and I passed out not long after J. and I got in bed. Jonathan, on the other hand, apparently lay awake thinking about everything he had seen and heard, and Jonathan being Jonathan, made up stories […]

434. Heart of Gold

So what I haven’t said about my conversations with Jonathan… is was what I haven’t said. I mean, what I wasn’t saying at the time. Which is to say that every time we talked about anything, I meant to bring up the question of Thanksgiving and every time we got sidetracked into something else–usually some […]

423. Don’t Worry Be Happy

Jonathan. I’m doing a terrible job of explaining what was going on between him and me because it so much easier to tell the dramatic stuff like getting assaulted by a drug-crazed supermodel. It’s a lot more difficult to figure out what’s important to say about a relationship. Maybe that’s the problem. At the time […]