Liner Notes: What’s Coming in 2024

Hello, my dearests, how have you been? ctan here, and what a wild three four years it has been.

It’s almost hard to remember that I hit “post” on the final chapter-chapter (before the epilogue) at the end of January 2020, and then got on a plane to Italy. I knew there needed to be an epilogue chapter but I wasn’t exactly sure when it was going to happen. On the flight to Venice, I suddenly knew exactly where it had to take place, and the whole thing came together.

I posted it after returning to the States, and less than a month later we were all in lockdown.

To keep myself amused, I commissioned a half-dozen little one- or two-page pandemic themed comics with “Daron and Ziggy in Lockdown” as the theme (posted on my Patreon) while I worked on the project many of you heard me mention, of re-launching the DGC book series with new covers.

Quick recap: at one point a romance book publisher was going to take over the series and put out new editions of books 1 through 10 and then get books 11, 12, and 13 out into the world… but shortly after we made that deal, they basically went out of business and everything fell back in my lap. At that point books 11-13 weren’t written yet, so I concentrated on writing them and finishing the series.

Well, the pandemic came, and with everything that was going on, doing the DGC re-launch myself ended up on the back burner.

The big news today is that I’ve been working with a new artist (Cheyanne Bueno, aka MilkyChai, who did the commissioned interior illustrations on the Kickstarted book of my genderqueer BDSM short stories, Bent for Leather — which btw is live on Amazon now…) and the cover art for books one and two is now done, with book three about to arrive!

I’ll reveal the new covers soon, over on Patreon! And…

The plan right now is to re-launch book one in January 2024, when it’ll appear in Kindle Unlimited for the first time. In April, it’ll then go wide for sale everywhere. Each volume after that will follow one month apart, so book 2 in February in KU, and in May it’ll go wide, and so on.

With 13 books to come, it’ll take over a year to launch them all. But hey, it took us, what, ten years to serialize? So 13-14 months is nothin’ by comparison! Besides, the final three volumes still need to have a professional copyedit and proofread, and that means *I* will need to re-read them for the first time.

If you haven’t been following me on social media, you might not know that my father passed away in March this year. I spent a lot of time with him in his final weeks, in hospice care at his home in Florida, supporting my mom and doing all we could to ensure his passing was peaceful. It was. Now, of course, I expect I’ll be reading the final segments of DGC with a different perspective from before. Wish me strength.

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See you in a few weeks for the cover reveals for books one and two!


P.S. Daron here. She forgot to mention that this is the 14th anniversary of the launch of the DGC serial to begin with! Happy anniversary to everyone, eh? From November 2009 to now so much has changed, but we’ve made it this far. Thanks for coming along on the ride.


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