DGC Anniversary Day 3

Art by Artsy Stargazer

Today’s art isn’t from a scene so far as I recall. When the artist and I were talking about what to do, this pose just came into my head so I suggested it. I rather love how it came out and I think she captured Daron and Ziggy’s personalities rather well! (The one thing she got wrong is that Daron’s eyes aren’t blue but hey, maybe it’s just the way they look in the light or something.)

It’s pouring rain here tonight, the kind of heavy downpour that makes waterfalls of the tree branches. All kinds of percussion sounds are coming from the drumming on the roof and the dripping and pouring through the gutters. It’s an extraordinary sound and this late at night (its four in the morning as I write this) there are no other sounds to interfere with it.

This is the kind of detail that will surface out of my memory at some point in the future when I’m writing a scene, when Daron’s ears are hearing it. When it does, I won’t be sure if I’m remembering it or if I’m inventing it. Some things that I write in this story I know come directly from my own life. Others, I’m not so sure of.

Tomorrow I’ll post more art, and some truly ancient early fiction featuring Daron and Bart. Hey, that rhymed.

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