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Liner Note #12: Ziggy Story Idea

Okay, daron has decided to keep his trap shut this month, poor thing. He’s pretty stressed out right now. So I’ll do the Liner Note this month. This week Daron’s Guitar Chronicles is one year old! We launched officially on November 9, 2009. Thank you for reading! And this month, thank you for all the […]

Mirror In The Bathroom

Ziggy and I didn’t try again during the rehearsing. Personally I felt fine the next day as long as I didn’t think about what had happened. He did not bring it up and I was not seized with the urge to scream again. I kept my distance and he kept his. Essentially, we went back […]

Naked Eyes

I sat there with my arms folded on my knees and my head stuck in them for a few minutes, while the champagne mixed with post-stage shakes made me light-headed and my blood feel race-y. When I looked up, everyone had drifted away from me, but the laughter of people in the hallway and muffled […]

What’s the Matter Here?

Tuesday afternoon we moved into a new rehearsal space, one where we could let loose a little more, and where we could start recording. Chris had a friend at company called Mondo Z Productions, with a recording studio and video production company with facilities in a loft outside of Chinatown. Most of their crew was […]

Take The Skinheads Bowling

We arrived in Boston to a heavy drizzle and I wished I had a warmer coat with me. It had been late summer last week and now it was seacoast New England autumn. Watt met us at the airport with his hatchback and Christian retrieved his van from the long term parking lot. None of […]