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438. She Sells Sanctuary

I called Chris after the limo dropped me off at home. Jonathan had gone out to the coffee shop to write and he wasn’t back yet. I put some music on and lay down in the middle of the bed with the cordless phone to talk. “How’d it go?” Chris asked. “Boring, which is just […]

414. Trouble Me

I had been to Bart’s parents’ Cape house before, when they weren’t there. What’s funny is that I had forgotten what it looked like. I had convinced myself it was a split-level, with a large deck in the back. I later figured out that in my head I had transposed some other rich family’s Cape […]

256. Mad World

Here’s what would have happened, in a perfect world. In a perfect world I would have followed Zig back to his room, and fucked his brains out, and he would have apologized for being such a pathological shit to me, and I would have apologized for being such a fucked up closet case in the […]

238. Devil Inside

So in that “it’s a small world” sort of way, it turned out Cameron and Louis knew each other from some previous project. They caught up a little while I showed Antoine around the theater. Carynne appeared and met everyone and I trusted her to get everyone’s names and figure out who we needed to […]