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Voice of the Beehive

“So, why do you hate talking on the phone?” Ziggy asked, a couple of nights later, after we’d gotten into a bit of a habit of talking every night after I came back to where I was sleeping. I appreciated that the place was basically right down the road from the care facility—close enough that […]

Number One Dominator

I ended up walking to the gas station in the dark, while she and Flip and Chief were stoned and they weren’t paying attention to me. It was a pretty long walk–forty five minutes?–but that was all right. It wasn’t very cold and it was good to get some exercise. Walking back I might feel […]

Weird Science

(Sorry for the late post! Here’s hoping it goes through…! -ctan) One of Flip’s great talents was his hangover cures. He knew how to cure every kind of excess, not just booze, including too much playing, too much singing, too much of any kind of drug, et cetera. You know what happens when you squeeze […]

Hard to Handle

Trying to find the right moment to ask Colin whether he was coming with us to South America turned out to be more difficult than I expected. Eventually one day when Christian and I were engaging in the practice of moving iron around, I asked him about it. “So I want to ask Colin whether […]

Too Much Too Young

(Site glitches fixed! Turns out the disk in the web server was dying and that’s why new comments wouldn’t take. Please go back and comment now on Sanders’ brilliant Ziggy fic from last week: A Little Normal -ctan) — Apparently I get Tempe and Tucson mixed up. Tucson I had heard was an artsy little […]

It’s All I Can Do

(Are you joining in the re-read from the beginning? Posting again now at Wattpad! http://www.wattpad.com/story/49160-daron%27s-guitar-chronicles One chapter a day is appearing there from now until it’s caught up! If you do start reading again there, please note you can vote for each chapter! Click the star in the upper right corner on each new chapter […]

I Didn’t Want to Need You

I drunk paged him from Sarah’s in the wee hours of the morning. She was asleep on the couch, looking like something from a Renaissance painting, hair flung everywhere and her arm over her eyes. When the phone rang a little while later she barely stirred. I answered it in her bedroom. “Hey.”

Hello I Love You

“Where is the phone?” I asked, like I didn’t know it was on the wall by the door to the kitchen. “Where is the phone?” Sarah knew what I was actually trying to come up with. “Why don’t you use the extension in my room,” she said. “It’s by the bed.”

People are People

The bed felt really empty when I was trying to get to sleep. Which turned into an endless loop of “The Bed’s Too Big Without You” by the Police in my head. Which turned into me turning the light back on and jotting down some notes for a song, which turned into the writing out […]