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These Are The Days

The surgery went on for far longer than it should have. We’d left Memphis at lunch time, right? It seemed impossible it was already time for dinner, but the staff wanted to know if we wanted to eat. I wasn’t hungry, and neither was Remo. I gave my leftover steak to Courtney. That was when […]

Oh You Pretty Things

Ziggy and I climbed into the shower together with much fumbling and giggling. I don’t even know why we were laughing. I guess because we were trying to be sorta discreet and quiet, which makes me tense, and then because we were both klutzy, me from being hungover, him from general punchiness.

Hard to Handle

Trying to find the right moment to ask Colin whether he was coming with us to South America turned out to be more difficult than I expected. Eventually one day when Christian and I were engaging in the practice of moving iron around, I asked him about it. “So I want to ask Colin whether […]