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450. Telephone Operator

So, Monday was the day Remo was due to leave the country and Jonathan was due to leave the TV writing business. I got up that morning to remind him to/cheer him on. Of course, I’m never at my most articulate in the morning. So rather than some eloquent encouraging speech, I said, over cereal […]

449. The Pretenders (Stop Your Sobbing)

(Site news: 1) Here’s the Saturday post I’ve owed you guys for 3 weeks! I’ve finally written far enough ahead I can post a bonus post! 2) Yes, yes, if you would like to see what happened during the J/Daron make-up sex, make a donation and I’ll write it and send it! 3) And tomorrow, […]

446. I’ll Be There For You

Jonathan called a little while later. I took it on the kitchen phone and Remo made himself scarce. “Hey,” I said. “Hey. I…” He cleared his throat. “I wanted to check in.” I kept it light. “Like to a hotel?” He let out a little huff of breath and I knew he was smiling, though […]

444. Pretending

So, I was expecting a bout of insomnia, but I guess all the alcohol and turkey outdid the stress, and I passed out not long after J. and I got in bed. Jonathan, on the other hand, apparently lay awake thinking about everything he had seen and heard, and Jonathan being Jonathan, made up stories […]

440. Don’t Stop the Dance

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the production company where Jonathan was working had their “holiday” party. (I think technically it counted as Christmas and New Year’s, too.) I didn’t think of Jonathan’s company as very large, but apparently they were part of a group of affiliated companies, and each one of those companies had various […]