• sanders says:

    I love all of these, but the last one is so utterly perfect both for the line and as an echo of their conversation in the park in New York. You’re fantastic at pulling out just the right quotes to pair with imagery.

    • s says:

      Aww thanks. I’d never done anything like this before and made some stupid newbie mistakes, but they were a lot of fun to do.

  • ctan says:

    I love all of these! All of them!

    • s says:

      And that’s how I feel about the 600+ chapters of this story!

      • chris says:

        Ah… I think I’ve found my “tribe”… 600 chapters is just the beginning (I hope)…

        • s says:

          We should change the name to Daron’s Life Story and it should continue until he dies at like 100 years old. 77 more years! Wait, I don’t plan to live 77 more years. Let’s shorten that just a little. Lol

  • chris says:

    These are wonderful! Every picture you used fit the quote so well! I’ve made a few of them, and finding the right picture is so difficult, and you nailed it! I had some trouble getting mine to “stay the right size”, but Cecilia & Daron helped me! ; )
    (I used Snagit to create the ones I made)
    Thank you for sharing these!!!!

    • s says:

      Thanks! Your memes (and the others) are what made me want to try it. Yours were great. Ctan helped me a lot, too. I think finding the images I wanted was the hardest part. I really wanted to do the scene with them sharing a mic and “talking” as only they can, but no combination of words would give me the image I wanted…

      I would love to see images of every scene from DGC but I think they call those movies or TV shows. Lol

  • Amber says:

    I love these!

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