More memes!

Sorry it’s taken me a while to get these compiled into a post! Life’s been a bit… busy. To say the least. (Work on my other novels is going really well, though! And Daron’s been demanding a lot of attention too, lately! I’ve been in his head so much I’ve been having his dreams. (Yeah, not like that’s intense or anything…)

These were made for the meme contest and I think there might still be some straggling memes that never got posted from earlier fanworks rounds, so I’m trying to get as many as I can here. (If you made one that didn’t ever get posted, please ping me or send it again to ctan.writer @…)

By Chris:

By Lena:


Another Lena:

From Cayra:

A few more Chris I think I forgot to post earlier?

daron quote from RCK


By Sanders!
everything you dgc meme

By Damaris:

Another brilliant one from Damaris, love this!

By Stef, who wrote “I was feeling optimistic when I did this one”:

Another Stef:

If there’s anyone out there I missed, please email me! I love these so hard!

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Comments 2

  1. Lenalena wrote:

    The mosaic heart is not mine. I wish it was, though.


    ctan Reply:

    And I can’t find where it was originally posted… maybe someone just mailed it to me?

    Aha yes, Sanders! It’s from Sanders.


    Posted 07 Oct 2015 at 10:13 am
  2. s wrote:

    Sometimes I wish we had marked them all with the chapter for the quote.

    This is one fandom that is good at memes! Love the ticket stub.


    Posted 07 Oct 2015 at 12:45 pm

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