Alternate universe fic!

Today we’ve got an “alternate universe” fanfic from Mel, inspired by the many times Daron has mentioned his recurring dreams about being a busboy (viz: a comment in 2013, chapter 546, and chapter 579).

This one has some graphic sex, so please only read it if you are legally able (i.e. of age) to read such material in your location.

If you are legally able to read this material, click here to go to the password protected post.

By entering this password:   Alternate   you certify that you are of legal age to read this material.

Also, please note we’ve still got slots open for more fanworks! It doesn’t have to be fanfic or art, it can be anything you think might be of interest to DGC fans, including your recs for books or bands? your dream cast you’d put into a DGC movie? favorite GLBT musicians list? fake album art? If you’d like to contribute, then simply contact Cecilia.

Here’s the schedule of upcoming posts and the slots still open!
 May 28: Joe (timeline graphics)

June 4: Sanders 

June 11: Stef’s (memes)

June 18

June 25: Lenalena (book review)

July 2

July 9

July 16

July 23

July 30

August 6

August 13

August 20 Chris (fic)

August 27


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