Adam (last name unknown)

Bass player for Miracle Mile. First appearance: Chapter 311

Adam Rasmussen

Friend from high school band class that Daron sees in New Jersey with Jonathan and Ziggy. First appearance: Chapter 356

Agent (full name unknown)

Deal-maker on OKC Hardcore project. First appearance: Chapter 683

Alan Mazel

One of the Mazel brothers and plays keyboards for Nomad. First appearance:  Chapter 8

Alex Mazel

One of the Mazel brothers and plays bass guitar for Nomad. First appearance:  Chapter 8

Alexander Tollman

Grew up in Providence and attended the Moses Brown school. In his mid-forties, he’s the lead singer of a metal cover band, Tygerz Claw. First appearance: Chapter 1

Anthony Santucci

Twin brother of Dina. Ziggy’s first “loves” were the twins when he was 10-11 years old. First mention: Chapter 249

Antoine Brevard

Director of Moondog Three’s “Wonderland” video. First appearance: Chapter 237

Antonia (last name unknown)

Publicist from MuchMusic, the Canadian version of MTV. First appearance: Chapter 322

Antonio Reyes

Security personnel hired for Moondog Three after problems arise on tour. First appearance: Chapter 305

Archie (last name unknown)

Matthew’s partner. First appearance: Chapter 365

Artie Hansen

Wenco A&R man.  Discovered Nomad. First appearance: Chapter 20

Bailey (last name unknown)

On-stage sound tech in San Francisco. First appearance:  Chapter 190

Band manager (full name unknown)

Manager of a four-piece band from Galveston, Texas. First appearance: Chapter 603

Bar bathroom encounter (full name unknown)

Man in neighboring stall in New York bar bathroom. First appearance:  Chapter 45

Barnaby “B.B.” Pluger

Head of stage tech for Moondog Three during second tour. First appearance: Chapter 241

Barrett Thomas

Talent manager from the Weiland Thomas Agency. Helping to plan an international tour. First mention: Chapter 586 First appearance: Chapter 642

Bartender (full name unknown)

Flirty LA bartender, possibly anorexic. First appearance: Chapter 568

Bartholomew “Bart” Cubbins

Daron’s best friend and bassist. First mention: Chapter 5 First actual appearance: Chapter –

Bass player (full name unknown)

Bass player for band from Galveston. First appearance: Chapter 604