Belle (last name unknown)

Executive at BNC record company. First appearance: Chapter 75

Ben (last name unknown)

Albuquerque hotel hook-up. First appearance: Chapter 640

Bernard (last name unknown)

Tall, willowy black man, hairstylist. First appearance: Chapter 724

Bernie (last name unknown)

Sax player on Nomad spring tour. First appearance: Chapter 617

Bill Cordes

Owner and clerk at gay bookstore in St. Louis. First appearance: Chapter 804

Billy Mastiff

Drummer from punk band, Killpolka. First mention: Chapter 696

Bish (real name unknown)

Member of the band Megaton. First mention: Chapter 286

Blond bombshell (full name unknown)

Slightly aging skinny blond bombshell coke queen friend of Michael Chernwick. First appearance: Chapter 567

Boyfriend (of Jordan Travers) (Full name unknown)

On-again, off-again boyfriend of Jordan Travers.  Daron claims to know his full name but hasn’t revealed it yet. First appearance: Chapter 577

Bradley “Brad” (last name unknown)

Plays guitar in Sugargum, a band managed by Carynne.  Also plays the drums. First appearance: Chapter 541 First named: Chapter 686  

Bradley (last name unknown)

Reporter for Musician Daron meets in L.A. First appearance: Chapter 263

Bud (last name unknown)

Owner of the Aquarium Daron works at mostly for free, to get the experience. First Mention: Chapter 5

Butch guy (full name unknown)

Friend of Jordan Travers. First appearance: Chapter 601

Cab driver (full name unknown)

St. Louis cab driver who showed Daron and Ziggy the city. First appearance: Chapter 804

Cain (last name unknown)

Second bass for Megaton. First appearance: Chapter 286

Cameron (full name unknown)

Assistant Director of “Wonderland” video. First appearance: Chapter 236

Campus Policeman

Campus policeman at University of Wisconsin in Madison during a Nomad performance. First appearance:  Chapter 11

Candy (last name unknown)

Receptionist at the Aquarium. First Mention: Chapter 5

Carl (last name unknown)

The flirty flight attendant that Daron secretly nicknames “Mr. Neatly Groomed.” First mention: Chapter 6 First actual appearance: Chapter 6

Carl (last name unknown)

Ex-hippie-ish bar owner in Chapel Hill. First appearance: Chapter 156