The Way You Do The Things You Do

Jordan chased me out of the kitchen area when my hand shook holding the kitchen knife while I was trying to help him make dinner.

He put me on a barstool on the far side of the peninsula of countertop that delineated where kitchen ended and living room began. He was wearing goggles over his eyes at the time so he could chop onions and with his very short cropped hair it gave him a very insectoid look. He handed me a cup of herbal tea. “Talking with Ziggy upset you that much?”
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Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

My suspicions that New Year’s Eve could turn into a drug-fest were borne out in spectacular fashion, by which I mean absolutely everyone I knew there except Christian, who appointed himself our babysitter, and Tony, who was already Ziggy’s designated watchdog, ended up on ecstasy or acid or both. Jordan, Sarah, Courtney, Carynne, Ziggy, everyone. Martin, even Martin was there. It’s hard to remember everyone, honestly.
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Holiday in Cambodia

(Holy crow you guys, this is the 599th story post. Which means Tuesday will be the 600th post. To celebrate I’m going to do a video chat Tuesday from 9-10pm eastern time on my Youtube Live channel. Details on my blog: -ctan)

The next day was Christmas day. I wasn’t the only one who’d brought a guitar, of course. I made Alan start teaching me a song I didn’t know. This Nomad tour would be a little less “greatest hits” and a little more material from the most recent record than what we’d done in Japan. So there would be various numbers I’d need to learn.

Why is a song is called a number, when it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with numbering? I’m going to guess it goes back to vaudeville, but that’s as much as I know. Continue Reading »

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A Little Love

So the big thing that happened at dinner was not that Courtney embarrassed the hell out of me, though she did.

We were seated at a long banquet table, in a private dining room with a private Christmas tree. (Though I think it was a coincidence that all the ornaments were musical instruments, singing angels, lyres, or notes.) I was at one end of the table with Martin and Courtney and Matthew and Archie. In the middle were Alan and his wife with their son Ryan, and Alex and his wife. At the other end were Remo and Melissa and Artie and his wife.

Courtney turned to Alex’s wife at one point and said, “So, Daron doesn’t remember your name.” Continue Reading »

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My Best Friend’s Girl

Melissa was very blond and very, very pregnant. I found her in the suite with most of everyone else, including Martin, who had his ear pressed to her swollen stomach.

He pulled back suddenly. “Ow! He kicked me!”

“Do you know if it’s a boy?” Alan asked.

Melissa shook her head. “We don’t know for sure but I have a feeling it’s a boy. That or a really feisty girl. Like me.” She grinned and showed her teeth. Continue Reading »

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Hang In Long Enough

I woke up with one of those hangovers that feels like a railroad spike through the eye socket, but I didn’t much care because I had an armful of warm, sleepy Ziggy under the covers with me and I was too out of it to really remember where we were or what year it was or anything. Maybe it’s stupid, but it was moments like that, where I couldn’t remember there was anything to be anxious about, and his skin smelled familiar and everything felt right about having him cuddled up with me, that made me think there was something worth fighting for there–something I was thirsty for, something I needed–even if once I came to my senses we’d start fighting again.

But right then I didn’t come to my senses. I dozed despite the headache. Continue Reading »

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Can’t Stop

The phone rang gratifyingly quickly. “Yellow,” I answered. “I guess you’re not sleeping either.”

“I’m on West Coast time,” Ziggy said. “Where it’s only three in the morning.”

“Uh huh,” I said, unconvinced. Continue Reading »

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Tell Me Something

I didn’t think, however, that Ziggy wanted me to call that night. So Martin and I ended up channel flipping and shooting the breeze in his room until nearly dawn and finishing the last of a bottle of Jack.

“I hear you’re coming with us this time,” he said at one point. Continue Reading »

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New ebook is live! DGC Volume 6!

I know I said I was originally going to release this on January 5. Then I realized I’m going to be on vacation in Disney World that day. Aha. Fortunately my proofreader finished quickly, so I bumped the release day up to December 29th! Which is today!

Book Six should now be live on both Amazon ( and Smashwords (

At Smashwords you can purchase ePub and other ebook formats.

I’ve also installed a new Shopping Cart/downloadable products system here at DGC. I’m still working out the bugs in the system, but it will let people name their own price for ebooks (with a minimum price of 99 cents each). Right now the system is mostly working with a few glitches in providing encrypted download links! So if you want to buy the ebook from me directly, you can! Check out the updated Merch Page here:


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Love Child

I still didn’t understand it. I didn’t understand how it was possible to feel angry, confused, and betrayed and yet happy to lay eyes on him at the same time.

I know, I know: Write a song about it. Been there, done that.

I thought: if he walks up to me and treats me really cordially, really formally, I’m walking out. I can’t do it. I can’t play that part. Continue Reading »

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