Groove Is In The Heart

When you come from the New York area, you grow up learning a certain disdain of tourists. So it was distinctly weird to be staying in a hotel in the city for an honest-to-god vacation. It really hadn’t sunk in for me that we’d be playing tourist in what was, really, kind of our hometown. Well, mine anyway. But there we were, like something from a Christmas movie, waltzing in and out of a lavishly decorated lobby on our way to and from leisure activities like seeing the tree and the windows at Macy’s.

The tree. You all know about “the tree”? Continue Reading »

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So here’s a list of my least favorite things in the world: getting up early, talking to lawyers, and dressing up. Guess what I did the morning before Courtney and I left for New York? Yeah. Way to start the holidays, eh?

Courtney and I took the train to the city, though, which was nice. Continue Reading »

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My Prerogative

I was still having nightmares and annoying dreams. Ziggy wasn’t in all of them, but he was in most. There was one where me and Bart and Colin were in a boat, rowing from an island to the shore and we were taking turns rowing but we never got where we were going. I woke up with my arms feeling tired. Continue Reading »

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Straight Up

Leave it to Bart to actually try to make sense of it all. And by “it all” I mean Ziggy, but you know, Ziggy contains multitudes and also it’s never just about him, it’s about everything else, too. Because of course my relationship with him was tangled up with, well, everything that was wrong about the music industry.

Sigh. Continue Reading »

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Running in the Family

“What do you mean you’re not coming to New York?”

Carynne knocked me on the head with her sharp, little knuckles. “That’s what I’m trying to get through your thick skull. I’m going to Maine.”

“Maine.” We were sitting in the Vietnamese noodle place near the house, having each consumed a bowl of soup bigger than our heads. “You don’t have family in Maine…?”

She sighed. “No. But Gerry does.” Continue Reading »

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PART EIGHT: December 1990: Love Shack

I went home. To Allston, I mean. But as I may or may not have established before, I’m terrible at being home. The problem with defining one’s self by what you DO instead of by where you’re FROM is that home becomes this really fraught concept…

Maybe I shouldn’t generalize. Maybe it’s only like that for me. Continue Reading »

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Touch and Go

(Happy US Thanksgiving, everyone who celebrates it! We’re offline today, cooking and eating, but we’ll get back online over the weekend! -ctan)

I don’t know what genius invented it, but let me say for the record that meatball pizza is awesome. Maybe it was a stroke of necessity: maybe one day a pizza guy was out of pepperoni and he thought, well, damn, maybe I should just slice up the meatballs I have for meatball subs, and put that on there? But I prefer to think it was a stroke of genius.

We got slices to go from the window on the street at the pizzeria and took a walk while eating them. The meatball was a little tricky to eat and walk with since it couldn’t be folded in half as easily as plain cheese, but it was worth the extra work. Continue Reading »

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Promised You a Miracle

dgc_patreon_buttonI learned something I didn’t know from the vocal coach. I freely admit I knew only the rudiments of singing. You learn a little by osmosis in music school, even if you’re not in voice. I sang in my junior high school choir one year, too, and learned a little bit there. You know how it goes. Continue Reading »

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Cradle of Love

When I woke up Ziggy was wearing me like a cape. We were nowhere near the pillows, curled in the center of the bed, with my arms around his neck/shoulders and the rest of me draped over his back. I freed one arm and pulled one edge of the duvet over us and then nudged him toward the head of the bed. I don’t even think he woke, really, but he moved and then we settled into a more traditional spoon position. Continue Reading »

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Liner Notes for November 2014

ctan: Welcome to another liner note with me and Daron, where we fill in background info on DGC, provide site news, kibbitz about the music industry, pop culture, LGBT representation in the media, and other of our favorite topics. In fact, we hit so many topics in this one here’s a preview:

-Kickstarter & ebook news
-New fanfic and fanworks initiative!
-Which Hogwarts House does Daron belong in?
-Daron’s new favorite guitarist
-Movie trailers & other videos we thought you might like
-Thoughts on mixed-race identity and standards of beauty

Daron: You used my name in vain a bunch on Twitter this past week.

ctan: I did. It’s your fault I’m obsessed with every tenor leggero I hear now. Jesse Clegg was only the start. Now I’m onto Adam Lambert.

Daron: Is he Ziggy’s godchild or what?

ctan: Reincarnation is more like. Continue Reading »

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