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Lust for Life

I insisted we get together and play some of the old material the next day. Ziggy never made it back to his apartment that day. He discovered everything in the bag had been laundered. I didn’t remember doing it but I must have, when I was freaked out. That whole week was a blur. Week? […]

You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party

(This bonus post triggered by the generous donations of readers.) Reggie gave me another beer and he and me and Colin shared a joint in the back room, sitting on milk crates and talking. If they noticed any change in my mood they hadn’t said anything yet. When I asked if the goateed security dweeb […]

Ziggy Stardust

When the band was done I helped Reggie move his gear to the side while the next band came on. “Come on upstairs and have a beer,” he said. I followed him to the crowded stairs, wondering if Bart was up there as we worked our way up between the people loitering there and the […]