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Fait Accompli

It was a fifteen minute drive to the Pizza Hut. When I got there the pizzas were ready, and probably already getting somewhat cold, but I hurried over to the pay phone by the restroom to call Ziggy back.


What should I have done? Should I have whipped around and slapped him? Stepped away and laughed? Shrugged him off with a growl? He had one hand snaked into my front pocket and the other on my other shoulder and I did none of those things. None of those things even entered my mind. What […]

Cuts You Up

(Kickstarter status: 53% funded! 16 days to go! We just have to keep up this pace and we’ll make it! http://kck.st/IlE7Bi) — Carynne. Oh my god, good old Carynne. She sat down with me in the first row of seats and went over every mother-loving detail I asked about. Come to think of it, it […]