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Good Stuff

When we got to the bungalow there was an unusual sight: a rather large RV pulled up to our carport. At first I thought some campers or hunters had the wrong address, or that our landlady had “accidentally” double-booked the bungalow.

Legend of A Mind

The lobby clock showed two a.m. when I walked to the elevators, now feeling a little itchy for a shower. When I got up to the suite I heard people laughing inside and I knocked instead of opening the door with the key. Bart opened it. “Here you are!” I stepped past him and saw […]

Going to California

When the wakeup call came I was lying face down on top of my left hand and my thumb was numb. Bart picked the receiver up and then lay back groaning. Sunlight lined the blackout curtains like white fire. I sat up and shook my hand. “Shit.” “Wha’d you do?” Bart said, standing up and […]

One Of These Nights

The wake up call came at ten, and we motorvated ourselves to pack up what we’d scattered and get dressed and get out. Digger hit the road for New York, and the rest of us headed for Philadelphia. I drove the first leg, wearing what I still thought of as Matthew’s sunglasses and playing a […]