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Liner Note 47: April 2015

Daron: Okay, we failed to post a liner note in February. In our defense, it was a short month. ctan: And then we failed to post a liner note in March, too. In my defense, I’ve been busy writing a novel. Where were you? Daron: On the road, of course. But we have lots of […]

Liner Note 31: Where Are They Now?

ctan: So, it’s Web Serial Writing Month, and we promised readers not only three posts a week this month, but two liner notes! So here’s the first one. At the point we are in the story, it’s the very end of August 1989. Daron: Okay, how about today let’s talk about some folks who were […]

Liner Note #30

Daron here. Time for a liner note and I needed a break from the angst. (It’s OK, you can laugh about it.) ctan’s here, too, though, to talk about some site stuff. ctan: I wanted to point out one weird thing about our website stats. Every year there is a dip in readership in July. […]