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It was full-on rush hour when we got to the New York metro area, and getting down to Ziggy’s place in lower Manhattan took over an hour. When the limo dropped us off at last, I was feeling slightly car sick and I just wanted to lie down. I did that while Ziggy made some […]

Step On

So, yeah, we went to pick up Jonathan–after a couple more pages back and forth and then a phone call to confirm his flight information and make sure he was okay with being kidnapped by us that night. Apparently, he was. Tony was happy to have something to do in the meantime, so we had […]

Love Child

I still didn’t understand it. I didn’t understand how it was possible to feel angry, confused, and betrayed and yet happy to lay eyes on him at the same time. I know, I know: Write a song about it. Been there, done that. I thought: if he walks up to me and treats me really […]