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Come As You Are

I felt like my hand exercises, unlike my vocal exercises, were too easy. I would sit at the dining table at one end of the living room with my rubber bands in front of me and my feet flat on the floor, and do them. I had learned to have several rubber bands there in […]

I Go To Extremes

(Reminder! Chat live tonight Nov 10th! Daron & me from 8-9pm Eastern here on the site, then 9-10pm livestreaming video with me taking your questions, reading, etc! -ctan) I woke up in the morning groggy as hell and confused about where I was for a second, especially about why I appeared to be squished between […]


When we woke up I almost didn’t want to get in the shower. I wanted to lie there and breathe in the scent of him forever. We were pressed together so closely that I couldn’t figure out which one of our stomachs it was that growled really loudly. “I guess that means we should get […]

Do You Want to Touch?

I don’t think there was a single person still working at Tower from the days when I’d been there. Michelle had been one of the last ones left, and since she’d quit, I was pretty sure I didn’t know anyone. That didn’t stop nearly everyone on the staff from acting like they’d known me all […]

Bring Me Some Water

The next day was a gray wash from the moment I crawled into the shower onward. I stood there with the water running down around the my ears and swore myself to celibacy. It seemed the only sensible option, the only possible way to avoid the self-loathing, the anxiety, the worst of the loneliness. I […]

Welcome to the Machine

It was a long, dull winter in Boston. Bart and Michelle moved into a nice one bedroom in Allston, right on the T line, while I got myself a cheap studio sublet in the Fenway from a Berklee student who was abroad until September. Michelle worked at Tower and got me a job there as […]