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Mysterious Ways

(It’d be great if we could get 50 people to take this quick survey about loading times for DGC! Get a timer and go: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/W7NWDPG -ctan) — Bart picked me up at six as planned but with no plan for where we were going to eat. “How about Bertucci’s?” Michelle suggested. She had grown her […]

Listen to Your Heart

Bart came over on Tuesday because we all wanted to play. As the saying goes from when we were kids, “Just cuz.” And the funny thing was I had vague plans of teaching them some stuff, but we ended up learning a large portion of Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog.” If you’re not familiar with the […]

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

In the morning I woke up in Bart’s room–actually it wasn’t morning, it was just past noon, and Bart was elsewhere and Chris was blow drying his hair in the bathroom. My body felt as hot and wrinkly as the clothes I had slept in. In fact, I had slept with my card key in […]

Bring Me Some Water

The next day was a gray wash from the moment I crawled into the shower onward. I stood there with the water running down around the my ears and swore myself to celibacy. It seemed the only sensible option, the only possible way to avoid the self-loathing, the anxiety, the worst of the loneliness. I […]

Sweet Hitch-hiker

I picked up our pay in cash from the club owner. Seventy five bucks. Michelle helped us load our stuff into Bart’s car. “Good thing you guys don’t have a drummer,” she said, looking at the packed back seat. “How are we going to unpack when we get home?” “What do you mean?” Bart said. […]

Welcome to the Machine

It was a long, dull winter in Boston. Bart and Michelle moved into a nice one bedroom in Allston, right on the T line, while I got myself a cheap studio sublet in the Fenway from a Berklee student who was abroad until September. Michelle worked at Tower and got me a job there as […]