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Electric Avenue

A knock on the door woke me up and I was surprised to find myself alone in one of the suite’s bedrooms. A heap of bedding on the couch seemed to indicate J had crashed here last night, too. I was still in most of my clothes and my eyes felt scratchy, but otherwise I […]

The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys

We ended up at this funky, candle-lit (too dark, actually) place with ringlet-haired waitresses wearing patchouli and a large vegetarian selection. The important thing about the dinner I should relay is not anything to do with the food or what we talked about or anything like that, of course, but the fact that I FINALLY […]

You’re All I’ve Got Tonight

Back at the hotel the others were feeling dinnerish and plans were tossed about for going here, doing that, seeing this… while people wandered in and out of the main suite and got dressed and so on. I changed my shirt and hustled Jonathan to an elevator before anyone noticed we were gone. Once we […]

Hooked On Classics

We were a three vehicle caravan still. Digger headed off for New York in his rental but Jonathan’s hatchback joined us. Bart and I both rode with him, which was fun. J was very easy to get along with and I got the feeling Bart genuinely liked him, too. The drive to DC was so […]

It’s Only a Northern Song

I slept most of the way to DC and woke up on the East Coast. We were trucked straight from the plane to a soundcheck. Before I knew it, I was pacing around backstage, waiting for the lights to dim. It didn’t seem possible that just this morning we’d been halfway across the country. As […]