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It’s A Shame (My Sister)

I sat down at the kitchen table. Remo poured me some coffee and Ziggy poured in the cream and pushed the cup toward me. I wrapped my fingers around it. “You look shell-shocked, kiddo,” Remo said. “What the fuck was that all about?” I tried drinking the coffee to see if anything would start to […]


It was full-on rush hour when we got to the New York metro area, and getting down to Ziggy’s place in lower Manhattan took over an hour. When the limo dropped us off at last, I was feeling slightly car sick and I just wanted to lie down. I did that while Ziggy made some […]

Slave to Love

Ziggy returned a short while later with a bag of groceries from the bodega a few blocks away and a pizza. “Barrett dropped by,” I told him, while we sat on the wide sill of the window with the open box of pizza between us. “To make sure I was the reason you weren’t answering […]